April 18, 2023


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April showers may bring May flowers, but those early spring and late-fall showers can bring misery to hunters if they don’t have waterproof hunting gear.

Don’t be like them, be smart and have your rain gear ready to roll at the first drop. Let’s take a look at some of Badlands’ waterproof hunting technology that will set you up for success, wherever the hunt takes you.

Waterproofing Your Hunting Gear

We know Badlands rain gear is full of high-performance materials, like the Omega and Exo systems, but what is it that keeps these pieces so dry? Science, friends. Science.

To start with, we bring the most advanced Durable Water Repellant (DWR) fabric treatments to the table. These DWRs are super hydrophobic, which means water, oil, sweat and that moisture that forms on the inside of your take-out container all bead up and roll right off.

Keeping water out is fairly simple. But that same coating that keeps rain out, also keeps moisture in. So, as your body tries to regulate heat by evaporating moisture, the inside of your coat turns into a small rainforest. That’s just…. Icky.

The Inside Matters

The inner layer of our rain gear features a breathable membrane that allows water coming from the inside to escape to the outside. Quality rain gear works in both directions.

How does it know the difference between rain and sweat? Simple.

It’s all about pore size. Our inner membrane is filled with tiny holes that allow the smaller perspiration molecules to escape from the inside. The larger rain droplets, however, can’t pass through and simply bead up and roll away.

The Difference is in the Details

If you take a look at the zippers and seams on our hunting rain gear, you’ll find that they look weird. And you’d be sorta right. They look different, but that’s brilliance not weirdness.

We tape all of our zippers and seams to make a 100% waterproof layer, which is the whole point of good gear for hunting in the rain.

And, just as with all our products, our wet weather clothing is unconditionally covered by the Badlands guarantee. Rip it, puncture it, damage it… we’ll fix it.

It’s simple, when you get right down to the heart of it. Keep cold water out, move inner water away, and last forever. That’s how we roll.

Badlands offers so many 100% waterproof gear options, you should never get wet on the hunt. Visit our website to see the rainy weather gear collection and see what options are best for you.

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