June 14, 2013

What Women Want

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Salt Lake City,UT Badlandsdesigns the newest pack on the market made just for women. Introducing the Kali Fanny, women now have more options when it comes to hunting gear. Inspired by the Kali day pack, the Kali Fanny was specially designed to fit a woman’s body while holding a woman’s needs.

The fanny only weighs 1 lb. 8 oz, has dual water bottle holders, five pockets and two compartments. The angle of the waist belt on the Kali Fanny has been modified and adjusted to better fit the hips of a woman. Complete with Air Track Suspension, ventilation will be provided to all the areas that come in contact with this pack. The Kali Fanny provides two color options: Ap and Max-1.

“Every now and then the Badlands design department gets to do something different such as design a pack for women. It’s a challenge to make sure we don’t just design a men’s pack and splash some pink on the outside. We wanted to make sure the Kali Fanny was ergonomically designed to fit a woman comfortably yet maintain functionality.” States Badlands Head Designer, Chris Lambert.

Emerging 18 years ago,Badlands has built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries only unconditional lifetime warranty.


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