July 31, 2012

Badlands 20 Questions with Freddy Harteis

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Freddy Harteis with kill

1.Favorite hunt of all time? I would have to day the most memorable hunt in my life was to New Zealand. On this trip we flew to thesouth island where I saw some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. I was in a hunt to take the majestic Red Stag. Not only did I get a stag with my Mathews bow, but I got the #4 stag SCI. This was beyond my wildest dreams!

2.Hunting hero? My father Fred Harteis is by far my hunting hero. He is the sole reason I developed such a passion for the outdoors. My father took pride was always giving me good experiences in the outdoors. He has taught me all about conservation and being able to give more than you get.

3.How did you get into hunting? I got into hunting through my father Fred Harteis.

4.Favorite animal to harvest? I would have to say Elk are my favorite animals to hunt. There is something about having a screaming bull elk steps away believing you are one of his cows. Nothing like calling in a huge bull!

5.Weapon of choice? Bow and Arrow or Muzzleloader

6.Favorite Badlands product? I am in love with the all the Badlands products. If I had to only pick one, it would be the TerraGlide. It has so much storage space and has my life organized for a long trip.

7.What was your scariest hunting moment? Taking a bear with my Muzzleoader and having the bear charge me and fall within steps of me. A little closer than comfort.

8.What’s the most important thing (things) in your life? My faith, family, and health are most important to me.

9.What’s your biggest fear? To have regrets that’s why my favorite two words are, NO REGRETS.

11.Favorite movie of all time? Planes, trains, and Automobiles

12.What’s something people don’t know about you? I am a huge fan of self help books. I focus a lot of time learning and sharing ideas to improve our courage to succeed.

13.Describe yourself in 1 word. Willing

14.Favorite memory of all time? My Asian western wedding at our very own Harteis Ranch.

15.Do you like sports? If so, what’s your favorite sports team? I do like sports but do not have a favorite team.

16.If you could be or do anything in the world, who/what would it be? I would love to have kids camps across the country sharing

17.Is there anything else you’d like to say about yourself?

18.Favorite rock band? I am a Country music buff. Love George Strait

19.Other activities/hobbies? hiking with my bride back in the Hollywood Hills and tactical hand gun shooting.

20.Favorite place to travel? Our very own Harteis Ranch. I love conservation and building a property to its potential. Its all about giving back!

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