November 16, 2011

Badlands Develops an Industry First Scent Free Waterproofing Spray

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No Scent waterprooferBadlands Develops an Industry First Scent Free Waterproofing Spray Salt Lake City, UT-April 3, 2009-The hunting industry’s premier pack manufacturer, Badlands, has raised the bar once again and came up with the ultimate solution for hunters who want to keep their equipment dry yet remain scent free.
The mad scientists at Badlands experimented with every brand of waterproofing spray currently available. Although they worked well for keeping out water, these products were not well suited for the hunting environment. The problem was they all have the overwhelming smell of chemicals, a scent which deer and other wildlife will pick up on.

Three years and countless formulas later we have created the Badlands Scent Suppressing Waterproof Spray. This spray was developed using a water-based water proofing compound that contains odor eating enzymes that will help to eliminate any scent at the same time water proof your gear. As the old saying goes “you can kill two deer with one stone” (or something like that) and have a scent suppressor and waterproof spray all in one 16 oz bottle that retails for $9.99. You can use it on multiple products including jackets, boots and tents.

Contact: Badlands Isaac Aleman
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