August 4, 2013

Badlands Ion Pants

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Badlands Ion Pants – New from the Biothermic Apparel Line

Six pocket pants are a dime a dozen, and rightfully so, as they are extremely well suited for a hunter’s needs. So how do you go about making them even better? Seven Pockets? Hey, not a bad idea; however, we have a few more ideas just in case. How about articulated knees, for ease of movement? Non-wear Hypalon cuffs? Welded water proof zips? The list goes on.

As mentioned above, the Ion Pants have articulated Knees for a wider range of motion- designed to enhance your body’s natural range of movement. Better then that, each seam is tailored and articulated to perfection. This system guarantees absolute comfort for all Badlands garments.

Made with Hex-Lit fleece, you will be warm throughout your entire hunt. Hex-Lit™ fleece liner looks like a honeycomb design and with this proprietary fleece, heat is increased by trapping warm air into a multitude of interlinking channels. This pattern is not only efficient at retaining heat, but actually reduces the garments bulk at the same time.

Need something for the rainy times of year? The outer layer of the Ion Pant is made using Dupont Teflon- simply the highest quality water repellent material money can buy. The zippers are also re-enforced and covered with the same style waterproofing system as on the Badlandspacks.

If you aren’t convinced yet, how about we tell you about the nylon re-enforced belt loops, six easy access pockets, hypalon cuffs for increased durability and Badlands SRS system.

The SRS system is the ultimate antimicrobial treatment. It is impregnated deep into the fabric’s fiber, allowing it to kill odor causing microbes in the most effective way possible. SRS is so effective it will last up to 50 wash cycles.

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Emerging 18 years ago,Badlandshas built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries only unconditional lifetime warranty.

For further information or questions regarding this award, our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman at ixa@vortexoutdoors.

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