September 14, 2012

City slickers hunt? Oh ya,The Hollywood Hunter!!

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From the glam of Hollywood to the rustic outdoors, The Hollywood Hunter follows big-game hunter Freddy Harteis and his celebrity wife Jeannie Mai (Style Network’s, “How Do I Look”) as Freddy teaches the big city what hunting can be about, a thrilling sport that gives back.  Watch as this city slicker production team travels the world to bring the real stories in building a hunting reality show.

Freddy is now the star, driving force, and creator of Hollywood Hunter. He has founded Hollywood Hunter Productions, the entity that not only produces the Hollywood Hunter Series, but is busy developing new television content and creating commercials for the outdoor world.  Freddy is also busy using his brand to support other passions, finding time to co-create the Hunter Athlete System, a patented athletic program designed by hunters for hunters. With such momentum behind him, Freddy has become a television persona outside of the hunting world, recently starring alongside his wife in a holiday special on the STYLE network and HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins.  Now, he’s not only a world class sportsman and businessman, he is the Hollywood Hunter.

Being the Hollywood Hunter means working hard, developing and cultivating the perfect team, along with partnering up with world class brands like Badlands.  There is nothing like working to get recognized by brands you have respect for in the industry.  I have to say, the last few years I have paid my dues and shown incredible support towards Badlands because I believe in what they create.  They have some of the best outdoor gear on the market today.  That is why you will only see the Hollywood Hunter rock Badlands.

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