Cool (Stuff) We Saw at SHOT Show
February 4, 2020

Cool (Stuff) We Saw at SHOT Show

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We’re back from the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas, and for the most part untouched by the famed SHOT Show crud. The hourly spray downs with bleach and gargling hand sanitizer seems to have paid off (don’t try that at home. We are professionals).

SHOT Show 2020 was epic in scale with the overwhelming amount of new stuff we got to see. Since it’s a closed trade show, and you are our very favorite people, we thought we’d share a few of the cool things we saw.


It’s no secret we love these e-bikes. When we had to give away the special edition they made for us at the Archery Trade Association show, there were tears. Like, Nate laying on the ground having a full-blown tantrum, tears. Sad, really. But we get it.

The new Storm G2 e-bike has the best suspension we’ve ever felt on an e-bike, and we’ve got some beefy bros here. Massive torque and power hauled us up and over all the obstacles on the proving course, with plenty of juice left.

SilencerCo –

There’s cool, then there’s badass Utah cool. SilencerCo is Utah cool.

This sweet little package had us staring at it for a very awkward long period of time. Like kinda creepy long. But can you blame us? The tricked Mad Pig Customs paint and rail work made this SiCo Osprey equipped .357 Magnum lever gun a quiet work of art.

We’d go as far as saying this is our second favorite rifle of the show. Why not number one? Patience, grasshopper… we’ll get to it.

Crimson Trace –

We stopped by to see our friends at Crimson Trace to talk about some upcoming cool stuff we’re doing together. That’s on the downlow, though, so don’t tell anyone, OK?

While there, Blake got transfixed by the lasers. He’s part mountain lion, so it’s out of his control. But the one that had us all mesmerized was the Lasersaddle—a side-mounted laser sight for Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 shotguns.

That was cool and all, but when they handed us one on a Tac-14 “not-a-shotgun” it kicked over our giggleboxes. The idea of the Tac-14 (or Shockwave) makes us smile all on its own, but now that there’s a red laser option, we may have to break out the credit cards.

Divide Gun Company –

We promised to get to our favorite rifle, and we’ll straight up admit it’s a homer pick. But it’s a friggin’ sweet homer pick.

If you follow us on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram (and you should do all three), you’ve seen this collaboration between Badlands and Divide on what we feel is the best long-range, precision hunting rifle ever created. Added bonus: It looks mean. It looks like it’s going to fill the freezer with elk, then turn right around and ask where the deer are roaming.

Lightweight, silky-smooth action, tack-driving accuracy and a tricked-out Badlands Approach Black custom finish? Oh yeah, definitely our favorite rifle of the show.

By the way, if you want to hyrdodip your own projects with Badlands Approach Black, give our pals at TWN Industries a shout.
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