April 30, 2013

Fabulous Ox Review

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I ordered my OX a few months ago in preparation for this fall and my Colorado Elk hunt. When I got the pack I was excited to actually put my hands on it and mess around with how it works. The first thing I noticed was the weight. At just over 9 lbs it is plenty light for an external frame pack that will do everything you need it to, and more. The construction is unbelievably good, which is expected from Badlands.hunter walking through the woods

The frame itself is constructed of aircraft aluminum and has multiple features such as holes all the way up the sides. The holes not only help the frame shed some weight but also provide extra lashing points for tying stuff down. The frame itself is concaved to follow the form of your back. The pack itself is removable from the frame to enable the use of just the frame for hauling meat. It is easily done by simply removing the four quick releases found at the four corners of the frame.

The pack is roomy and the main compartment held my sleeping bag, waterproof gear, extra socks, extra layers of clothing, meat sacks, my water purifier, decoy, scent free shampoo and deodorant, lighters, a saw, and other miscelaneous items with room to spare. The side pockets held knives, extra batteries, energy bars, gloves, extra bow release, bow tool kit, tripod, and spotting scope. The top pocket which covers the access to the main compartment holds the water bladder on the inside and on the outside I stored extra food and even more laters.

gear unpackedBetween the top fold over pocket and the pack itself there is a buckle and straps which worked great for holding my tent. The shoulder straps of the OX are adjustable to fit any torso height. Underneath the OX pack hides its biggest tool, the meat hauling area of the frame. There are two straps at the top of the pack that when loosened, reveal the meat shelf. It has a blaze orange shelf and three heavy duty straps that will hold ANY load securely. All you do is load the meat then sinch the two top straps down and you are ready to go. I loaded the OX with 110 lbs in the meat shelf and was surprised at how securely it held it. The OX’s shoulder, back and waist padding are very comfortable and the fact that they allow ventilation is a huge plus!  The hip pockets are plenty big to hold the stuff you need to get to often.The pack is literally covered with spots for tying stuff down and the fact that it has the ability to carry a bow or rifle with the use of daisy chains is awesome. Nothing worse than your bow on your back and having to cut the thing loose to prepare for a shot. This pack is so functional that there are 100’s of ways you can set it up to work for you!

Ox pack

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