January 4, 2012

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Gear Review – Badlands Monster Fanny


I am not one for fashion; that is, unless you consider boots, jeans, and a t-shirt to be fashionable.  That said, even someone who knows nothing about (and cares little about) fashion, knows there are certain things that are just wrong for guys to wear.

Badlands Monster Fanny

Guys with perms? Wrong.

Dudes in skinny jeans? Wrong.

Anyone wearing a fanny pack? Wrong!

I’ll make one exception on the fanny pack rule… If you happen to be someone that is hitting the woods in search of taking down a big game animal with your weapon of choice, and you happen to be utilizing the Badlands Monster Fanny, then maybe you aren’t wrong…

Maybe you just know what a great pack the Badlands Monster Fanny can prove to be!

The Badlands Monster Fanny

The Badlands Monster Fanny is a pack like none other.  With 1100 cubic inches of storage spread out among a variety of pockets, the Monster Fanny has enough room to keep any hunter organized and stocked up for a day afield.  The Monster has become my “go to” pack for day trips, and though it wasn’t designed specifically for it, the Monster also excels at being a perfect companion for all day tree stand hunts.  If I don’t need to pack out meat and I am not carrying overnight gear, then the Monster is the first pack that I reach for every time.


The Badlands Monster FannyI could go on and on about the function of the Badlands Monster Fanny.  In fact, function is the main thing that sells Badlands packs to me.  (Although bombproof construction and a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt either!)  I own a few Badlands packs, and I have handled several others; every single one of appears to have been designed for hunters, by hunters.


“Mark Huelsing is a regular guy with an irregular passion for bowhunting.  Be sure to check out his bowhunting blog at SoleAdventure.com” 

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