January 16, 2014

Jeff Chrisler – An interesting and a brief shoot in the woods!

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I went out to photograph a bow hunting buddy in the new Exo rain gear from Badlands.  In the process of driving to the unique location, we may have ignored a few signs indicating road closures due to the flooding we experienced here in Boulder two months ago.  We were able to shoot a bunch of photos quickly throughout a nice lodgepole pine stand until we noticed a sheriff across the nearby stream looking at our car.  Shortly thereafter, the sheriff turned his SUV around and started calling out my name. When he saw us, he requested that we come back across the stream to him.  We complied with his orders while he made his AR-15 very obvious.  We showed him my camera gear at the front of my car and cleared up the situation.  He kindly let us off with a warning and didn’t issue a ticket for the trespassing we were apparently doing due to the road closure.  As we hopped in my car and began to drive back to the main road, I noticed a strange sound coming from the undercarriage of my car.  I stopped and looked back to see to my horror all of my camera gear in the road.  During the encounter, I forgot to put my gear back in the car and ran over the top of it.  A few expletives later, I ascertained my case did a solid job of protecting everything except one lens which seems to be fixable.  All in all, it was an interesting and brief shoot in the woods!

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