April 14, 2013

The Badlands Tree Stand

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For Immediate Release:

Salt Lake City’s Badlands released the newest member of the pack family on July 1, 2012. The Badlands Tree Stand features Mossy Oak’s Infinity Camouflage providing an ideal advantage when it comes to concealment. This pack will sit or hang in your tree stand and organize everything you’ll need for your hunt.

The Badlands Tree Stand pack will hold a quiver or rifle and allows you to carry a 105 oz. water bladder to keep you hydrated throughout the entire hunt.  Weighing two pounds and fourteen ounces, this pack will hold 2500 cubic inches of gear. Complete with two compartments and six pockets, you’ll be set for hours.

Emerging 18 years ago,Badlands has built and held a respected reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance and the industries most innovative outdoor technology.


For further information or questions regarding our product or other company news, please contact Isaac Aleman at ixa@vortexoutdoors.com.

Badlands Tree Stand pack

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