March 31, 2013

The New Kali Fanny for Women

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Thanks to Emily with “From the Draw” we have an awesome review on the Kali fanny made just for women!

Introducing the New Kali Fanny by Badlands

When I think of hunting packs, I think Badlands.  I’ve been carrying around a Badlands Pack during my hunting adventures for several years now.  My 2800 has seen its fair share of freeze-dried meals, socks, heat-packs, elk calls, and even elk quarters.  As much as I love this pack, I am thrilled to see Badlands new line of packs designed just for women!

Emily with pack

Ladies, let me introduce you to the “Kali” family, backpacks designed to fit a woman’s body.  And I can hear all the ladies voicing a resounding, “Thank you!”  The first backpack in this line, is the Kali which launched in 2011 and features a heat-hardened steel frame, women specific shoulder straps, and hypervent suspension.

The new member of the Kali family for 2012 is the Kali Fanny pack.  It features a Double Cant waist belt, women’s specific design, dual water bottle holders, and air track suspension.  The pack is scheduled to hit stores in the near future, and I was fortunate to get a sneak peek.  So I have the privilege of sharing my initial impressions with you!

My first question out of the box was, will it fit my waist?  Honestly, my larger 2800 pack is designed more specifically for a man’s body.  I have been able to successfully haul out plenty of meat with the pack, but I can attest to the importance of having weight distributed properly when carrying out a load in the backcountry.  If your pack doesn’t fit your body well, it isn’t always a pleasant experience. The Kali Fanny passed this initial test. It fit like a glove! (Granted I won’t be using it to haul an elk, but for the quick day trips, it will be perfect!)

Kali fanny pack

For a fanny pack, I am pleasantly surprised with the room it has.  I could easily pack an extra light-weight layer, snacks, water, etc.  If you’ve never owned a Badlands pack, one thing you will quickly learn with your first pack is how well they utilize space.  You could easily pack MORE than you need.

I’m excited to see how well the air-track suspension works on this pack.  I plan on using it for the Shoot the Backcountry 3D shoot in July and will put it to the test.  I’m sure it will be warm, so it will be nice to have this well designed pack which allows air to circulate against your lumbar region.

pack showing lumbar area

Bravo, Badlands!  I’m very impressed so far with the new Kali Fanny.  I can’t wait to put it to the test.  And yes, Badlands, you are geniuses for thinking, “Maybe there are other products that girls may like.”  I’m just glad you decided against the broadhead earrings!  Now, if I can just convince the brains at Badlands that the next backpack should be for gals who like to help haul elk, I may just have to kiss someone!  (Oh, and maybe a non-pink logo would be a nice touch also… I’m thinking turquoise. *hint* *hint*)

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photo of Emily
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