April 8, 2012

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Badlands Backpacks – Great for hiking, hunting, and Survival bags
At Badlands backpacks,

there is no need to worry about reliability of their backpacks whether it is a survival pack you need or a bug out bag. Their quality products provide the utmost in comfort, flexibility, durability, and quality craftsmanship which is what is needed for everyday use or the occasional weekend outing.

For a serious hunter, survivalist, and outdoorsman there are many important items to take along when heading out for a day’s adventure but one of the most important pieces of gear is a reliable hunting pack.

Several of the Badlands backpacks line of packs include the 2200, 2800, and the HyperHydro.

The 2200 is ideal for the more than casual hunter. The heavy-duty backpack is designed with one thing in mind and that is providing versatility. With the 2200, a hunter can carry rifle, bow, spotting scope, tree stand, and tripod. The pack has four compartments and five pockets providing hunters with additional storage capacity. With all the convenience of this pack and weighing in at only 6.4 pounds, the 2200 hunting pack is a must have item for seasoned hunters… Read More at http://urbanorganicnews.com/badlands-backpacks/

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