The Pros

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Just Like Badlands, They're Unconditional, and Unmistakable

They spend just about every waking moment hunting or planning their next trip, and nothing short of the grim reaper could keep them out of the field. They're our kind of crazy, and that's why they make Badlands part of every hunt. 

What sets Badlands' pros apart though, is that they're more than ambassadors. They're our eyes and ears to our customers across the country, and a crucial part of our design and testing process. When they pass along an idea or say something needs to change, we listen, and then we get to work. And they're the first people to tell us when we're hitting — or missing — the mark. And that's what makes them family, too. 

Becoming a Badlands Pro: How Crazy Are YOu?

Are you still on the mountain or in your stand when Mother Nature has sent everyone else packing? Can you laugh at yourself and still come out a winner, when everything on a hunt goes sideways? Would you solemnly swear to push our gear to its absolute limits, to help us make it even better? Well then, you may just have what it takes to join our team of pros.

Become a Pro
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