Josh Moremen

Josh Moremen

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Resides (Location): North Idaho

Profession: InReach Sales Manager, Garmin USA

Favorite State to Hunt: Idaho

Favorite Species to Hunt: Deer and Elk

Favorite Wild Game to Eat: Deer and Elk

Foundations He Belongs To: RMEF, Recreational Aviation Foundation & Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc.

One Interesting Fact About Yourself: In addition to hunting and fishing, I also enjoy flying and snowboarding!

Favorite Badlands Pack: 2200 in Approach

Favorite Badlands Apparel Piece or Set:  Algus for those early season September Elk hunts!

An original quote from your own mind: Compete with yourself and not others. Lift and encourage those around you.  Be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Josh was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. He started chasing hogs, gators, turkey, and deer with his dad and brother at a young age. With Florida being known more for its fishing than hunting, Josh started venturing out of the state to go after some bigger game. With a career move that sent Josh to the great state of Idaho in 2015, he has been adapting and adjusting his hunting skills learned in the low swamps of Florida to the vast mountain challenges of the Inland Northwest.

Josh currently manages inReach satellite communications for government and business accounts for Garmin USA.  When not hunting or fishing, you can probably find Josh flying a plane somewhere in the mountains of the West.  He recently started HunterPilot, a lifestyle apparel brand for people who enjoy both of those passions.


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