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Every good top deserves a good bottom – that’s what we always say. (Interpret that as you will.) Calor Leggings are a midweight base layer that utilize Badlands' Heatwave™ technology that reacts with your body heat to make sure your southern hemisphere stays nice and toasty. See what we did there? We instantly improved your chances at success and that's priceless.
From 0.0 degrees to 60.0 Fahrenheit
  • Heatwave™ Ceramic Liner
  • Antimicrobial Silvadur™
  • Moisture-Wicking Quick-Dry Fabric


Heatwave™ Ceramic Liner

In extreme cold, it’s easy to lose body heat. Badlands’ unique Heatwave technology is a ceramic lining that combats this by storing and reflecting your body’s own heat back onto you. By giving you a few crucial extra degrees of warmth, Heatwave can help you stay in the field longer.

Antimicrobial Silvadur™

To help you keep your scent locked down, Badlands uses Silvadur antimicrobial technology. It uses the natural power of silver to control the bacteria and microbes that cause odors when they react with your sweat. It’s an effective, long-lasting way to fight the funk.

Learn more about the Calor Apparel


Learn more about the Calor Apparel

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