Badlands Inventory

We’ve Got Good News, Bad News and Good News

You may have noticed that some Badlands product is temporarily out of stock. So what’s up with that?

First, the Good News

We think it’s awesome that more people than ever are getting outdoors, going hunting and joining the Badlands Nation. Our products, including our new line of women’s hunting gear, are flying off the shelves.

Ok, The Bad News

It turns out there are global supply chain disruptions that are causing headaches for everyone, not just for Badlands. So temporarily, we’re having challenges keeping some of our crazy-good hunting gear in stock. But don’t worry, IT WILL BE BACK. We promise you that, unconditionally. We just don’t have a guarantee of when that will be.

Here’s More Good News

We want to let you know the second all this supply backup uncorks itself. So sign up for Badlands email alerts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll let you know the moment new stock hits the shelves. After all, we don’t want you out in the wild with anything but the very best: unconditional, unmistakable Badlands Gear.

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