bow hunter walking up a hill

Badlands Packs Haul My Gear in the Backcountry

bow hunter walking up a hill
Hauling your gear through the backcountry isn’t a job for a department store backpack. Educate yourself and choose wisely. There are many factors you must take into consideration when investing a quality pack. Instead of giving you a complete rundown of the specifications for what you should look for in a pack, I am going to share with you what I am using and why.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me what packs I was using now. Back when we hunted together I was using a Badlands 2200. It turns out that I am continuing to use that very same pack five years later. Why? It is THE most durable pack I have ever used, it fits well, and I used it to haul an elk off a mountain in Colorado, plus I used it to pack out my deer in California. It has seen its’ share of blood, tears, busted zippers, torn fabric, and I could go on. I am very hard on my gear. It gets tossed in a pick up, dropped down the side of a mountain, hung in a tree, and it still does the job well. Badlands has a warranty I have never seen anyone else come close to beating. You do damage to your pack and need a repair, send it in and they will repair it. Done. No questions asked. In five years I have only sent my pack back one time. I had tears and such, but they were minor issues. When I busted a zipper, I figured there was no way they could fix it. Wrong. They repaired roughly six things I had done to the pack. Now it’s as good as new and ready for another five years. They honestly have the best warranty in the business.

The second pack I use is the Badlands Point. It’s a lightweight pack that works great for my day trips and my treestand hunts. I can still fit what I need to in it and when I am tough on it, it holds up very well. I used this one to help haul my gear out when I shot my first pig. I was able to swing the pack around to my chest while I carried the pig on my shoulders.

Now, I also use a Badlands OX frame pack when the need arises. This is one I hope to utilize more this year when hunting bear and deer in the backcountry. It works really well right now for training and hauling sand.

So there you have it. I love my Badlands packs. Sure, I am a proud member of the Badlands Operative Pro Staff, but that’s not why I love the packs. I loved the packs before I was invited to join the team. Plain and simple, they are tough and will work well for you in just about any situation. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, message me on social media, or ask one of my fellow OPS members. We love our Badlands gear and stand by it.

Now I must go peruse the catalog and see if I need another Badlands pack. . .

– The SoCal Bowhunter – Al Quackenbush