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Check it out: our tech game runs deep

We get it. You want to know what makes your favorite Badlands gear want a little peek behind the curtain. Here's just a small taste of the big-time technology you'll find in every piece of gear Badlands makes. Every fabric, every fiber, every stitch, is chosen with one goal in mind: your success on your next hunt.

Approach & Approach FX

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Being Wet Stinks

Waterproofing Technology

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Aramid Bartacking

Fabric Reinforcements

We love tearing our gear apart. Because then, we get to make it even better. And the technology we use to reinforce every stress point is some of the toughest you'll find anywhere.

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Temperature Regulation

We can't control the weather, but Badlands has the next best thing. Gear that's specifically designed to work with your body's natural cooling and heating mechanisms, to keep you comfortable when it matters most. 

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Think all fabrics are alike? Think again. At Badlands, we put as much time and effort into creating or selecting the right fabric for a job as we do designing and testing our packs and gear. And the results are 100 percent worth it.

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Scent Management

Our enemy: those malodorous microbes that react with sweat to create game-spooking smells. Our weapons: the latest in odor-crushing technology, and naturally antibacterial fibers. Stink, you have met your match.

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Layering Systems

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