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Approach & Approach FX

We make a lot of things, but the last thing we’re interested in making is a fashion statement. So when Badlands set out to make a new camo pattern, we had two requirements: we had to do it right, and it had to work harder than any camo on the market. We spent years working with experts on color, on how changing light affects patterns, and how game sees colors and interprets patterns. We tested, tested again, and then retested our retests. That’s how Approach camo was created. And soon after, Approach FX, which gives you yet another option for varying terrain and different seasons. Take a closer look into the Badlands approach to camo.

Adaptive Coloration

Multi-Layered Visual Confusion

Design, Test, Repeat

As a company, we take pride in the testing we put all of our products through. That said, the Approach and Approach FX patterns are by far the most meticulously tested projects in Badlands history. We’ve taken both Approach and Approach FX across the globe, and put them through the gauntlet in countless types of terrain. Only when each one was perfect were we able say with confidence, “the Badlands approach to camouflage is here.”

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