hunter leaning against railing

Badlands Pros Share Their Must-Haves for Whitetail Season

hunter leaning against railing

Hunting whitetail is kind of like making a grilled cheese sandwich. It seems really simple, but making a really, really great one requires forethought, exacting technique and the perfect components.

For those who have never gone after a Kansas giant or one of Iowa’s ghosts, you may think it’s a piece of cake. Drive up to a field, climb into a stand, sit and wait. When a 150 class buck walks by, shoot.

Veteran whitetail chasers, however, know that’s not even close to reality.

As easy as it sounds to sit in a stand, keep in mind you have to do it while keeping as still as possible, parked on a mesh, metal bench, 15-20 feet in the air…. In November.

If you aren’t properly geared up, you are going to have a long, miserable day with little chance of seeing deer. So, we turned to our infamous Badlands Operative Pro Staff for their must-haves when chasing big bucks.

Nick Ventura, the host of Sportsman Channel’s Become 1, got right to the heart of the matter.

“There are a lot of pieces that go with me on every whitetail trip,” he said. “But if I am being honest, I’m always looking for the coldest days in November when I’m needing the Pyre System. I am a firm believer in picking those cold days when the rut is on, and doing an all-day sit with the Pyre allows me to do that.”

For Jerry Tibbott, half of the father/son team that hosts The Bearded Buck on Sportsman Channel, staying warm and dry is also at the top of his list.

“Regardless of what I’m wearing in the way of my outer layers I’m always reaching for my Master Gaiters before walking into the woods,” Jerry said. “It goes without saying that the cold-weather months are an excellent time to wear the gaiters. Whether it’s hunting in the snow or shoveling the driveway, they help keep moisture out of my boots and socks.”

Son Austin Tibbott agrees with staying warm and dry but adds in some protection for his second-most vital piece of equipment, his optics.

“My must-have is the Bino D Mag,” Austin said. “I fell in love with Badlands’ bino harnesses the first time I put one on. These pieces are designed for hunters! They are super comfortable and very quiet with their magnetic seals. As hunters, we spend significant amounts of money on different optics, and I can promise you Badlands has got you covered when it comes to protection from the elements.”

It’s never too early to start thinking about your whitetail gear, especially for those cold-weather months. And Badlands is here to help you figure out what the right setup is for you, warm weather or cold.

Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, we’re here to help.