closeup of a camo ebike

eBikes + Hunting: Three Reasons Why You Should Consider One

closeup of a camo ebike
man operating controls on ebike

You’ve probably seen electric bikes on your way to work or speeding down a trail, but over the past ten years or so, eBikes have gained more popularity among hunters.

You don’t have to walk miles upon miles anymore. A hunting eBike makes it easier than ever to navigate your favorite terrain, all thanks to built-in pedal assist and throttle. Here's how each feature works:

  • Pedal assist technology lets you take advantage of manual pedaling with motor assistance for more powerful, faster movements across varied terrain.
  • Throttle is when you move your eBike without manual pedaling, which is ideal when you need a break, are carrying a lot of gear or packing out game.

There are plenty of hunting eBike options that vary in budget, size and power to save you time and energy for wherever the hunt takes you. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding one to your arsenal. 

  1. eBikes Make it Easier to Carry Gear & Game

    Whether it’s a quick scouting trip or a backcountry hunt, an eBike can offer a helping hand by carrying all of your gear with ease, without sacrificing movability. There are plenty of extensions you can add for more space and hauling, like a rack or a trailer. Our friends over at Bakcou offer a number of hunting cargo trailers, such as a single-wheel trailer, making it nimble and great for single-track trails. They also sell two-wheel trailers that offer more stability. Both options have the benefit of easily adding more storage space to your bike. 

    hunter carrying game in ebike

    And at the end of your hunt, when you’re tired and ready to pack out, your eBike will do the heavy lifting for you. Literally. An electric hunting bike can completely change the experience and save hours and hours of time between harvesting and getting the meat into the freezer.

    1. eBikes Get You Where You Need to Go When You Need to Get There

    Sometimes rough terrain can turn a good hunt sideways. An eBike can get you deep into your favorite remote hunting spots easier than your truck or your four-wheeler. And when you’re not spending all that extra energy, you can focus on the things that matter — like scouting, placing cams and the actual hunt.

    eBike Range

    But how far can your bike really take you? The range of your eBike is the distance you can ride on a single charge — though it can be hard to determine, as it varies from person to person. The motor power only impacts how fast you can pull off and how well you can get up hills, not necessarily how far you can go. When it comes to range, the key consideration is the battery capacity. Battery capacity is usually measured in Watt-hours (Wh), where Watt-hours = amp-hours x volts. But, it’s important to remember that distance can be impacted by things like wind, start/stops and terrain, so the calculation is only a rough idea. It’s always good to pad it a little.

    Simply put, if you want an eBike that accelerates fast, climbs well, and can travel long distances on a single charge, then you should purchase one with a battery that has high voltage and high amp-hours. Batteries with high voltage but low amp-hours will shorten the distance you can travel on a single charge, which makes them best for going fast on shorter rides. Check out Bakcou for one of the largest batteries on the market for eBikes.

    It's important to also consider the type of motor when evaluating range. For example, there is a good argument that mid drive motors (mounted near the pedals) get a better range than hub drive motors (mounted near the wheel hub, usually the rear wheel) because they work synergistically with the gears. Additionally, mid drive motors typically handle better with the weight of the motor centered on the bike. This is especially important when going off roads.

    eBike Laws

    man carrying game on back during hunt

    Worried about where you can take your bike? Good news: eBike laws are softening. You can ride it anywhere that allows Class 1, 2 or 3 electric bikes.

    • Class 1:Max 750W (1hp) motor with pedal assist and no throttle. Max speed of 20 mph.
    • Class 2:Max 750W (hp) motor with pedal assist and throttle. Max speed of 20 mph.
    • Class 3:Max 750W (1hp) motor with pedal assist and no throttle. Max speed of 28 mph.

    To determine the laws specific to a hunting area, be sure to check with the nearest wildlife office. 

    1. eBikes Offer a Quiet Ride

    You don’t have to worry about scaring off game with your eBike. Because they are powered by electric motors (vs. gasoline motors), they’re typically no louder than a regular bike, as long as regular maintenance is kept up (i.e. clean chains, tight bolts). It’s the perfect mix of power and stealth.

    Plus, unlike gas tanks and vehicle exhaust, eBikes leave no scent trail for wildlife to pick up on. When you compare it to the smell of diesel exhaust or your four-wheeler gas, a well-maintained eBike eliminates countless scent variables.

    Whether you’re wanting to go deeper into the backcountry, save time packing out or sweat less, an eBike could just be your new best friend in the field.

    Looking to learn more? Visit to read more about hunting eBikes and the benefits they offer.