Kirsten’s First Turkey Bow Kill

Kirsten’s First Turkey Bow Kill

Kirsten’s First Turkey Bow Kill

Badlands was there…

During my years of turkey hunting, I have always wanted to film my hunts and throw footage together so I could re-live the excitement of my hunts over and over. This past year I saved up and invested in a video camera, a Canon G10, and started filming my hunts. One of my greatest achievements thus far is filming my very first turkey bow kill all by myself. Prior to opening day of the season, I practiced everyday with my bow in different sitting and standing positions. That way, no matter what shot opportunity that turkey gave me, I was prepared. I had set my standards really low of actually accomplishing my first turkey bow kill, because it was my first, and because I had the added pressure of filming. I told myself if I missed I would observe why, and learn from my mistakes.

Day before season, I packed my Badlands Kali pack with my camera, back up battery, GoPros, tripod, ammo, and my face mask.  I had my Badlands baselayers, Badlands pants, and Badlands jacket ready for the morning to throw on and head out the door.  I was loaded up and ready to go!

Opening day I went out with my pack, decoys, bow and arrows. I set up, got my camera ready, and listened as the birds woke up with the rising sun. Gobbles fired all around me and I got excited and giddy like a little kid on Christmas morning, to me turkey season is much like Christmas morning! I usually turkey hunt all by myself, so I do all the calling myself. I did a few soft clucks and up popped a tom from the bottom to my left. He stared at my decoy and turned around and walked away. I stood there puzzled wondering what I did wrong and was kind of bummed, but it was the first minutes after I heard the birds fly down so I stayed hopeful. I figured it was a younger jake that was intimidated by my tom decoy.

Kirsten with turkey

About 30 minutes later I heard a close gobble, I grabbed my slate call out of my Kali pack, and began purring. After 15 minutes of convincing Mr. Tom to come to my decoys, he finally committed in full strut. I was able to draw back and make a perfect throat shot at 12 yards with my bow. He dropped right where he stood and flopped. I was in total shock that I had hit him right on the money and that it was an easy recovery. I was shaking like a leaf, and to look down and the camera was still rolling. I had caught my very first turkey bow kill, on film, 100% by myself. I called my boyfriend and parents crying with tears of joy explaining to them the accomplishment I had just achieved. He was 26lbs, 10 inch beard, and my biggest spurs to date with an inch and a quarter on both sides. Words cannot describe how proud I was, and that I had underestimated myself only to prove myself wrong. That is the greatest feeling in the world.

– Kirsten Godfrey – Badlands Operative Pro Staff