MRK Packs are Made to Move Meat

MRK Packs are Made to Move Meat

MRK Packs are Made to Move Meat

It’s a simple equation. The bigger the critter you take this fall, the more load you’ll need to pack out. It’s basic math, but it’s often overlooked until it’s time to pack up and hike out.

So, we went ahead and did all the thinking for you with our new MRK pack series. These super durable, incredibly rough packs are built from the ground up to move meat.

What does MRK mean? It’s the Mountain Range Killer series, and it’s made for those hunters that are half mountain goat and half battery bunny. The ones who chew up mountains and spit ‘em out again.

Let’s start with the MRK2. We took a tough-as-nails, 2,400 cubic-inch day pack and gave it a frame. Next, we added our new Strata Suspension System™, which better distributes weight off of your shoulders.

A quick-deploy meat hauling system makes the MRK as hardworking as you are. And finally, for a tailored fit and all the accessory space you could need, we added an adjustable torso length system and MOLLE-equipped waistbelt.

If that’s not enough pack, then the MRK3 might be your huckleberry.This beast takes the Strata Suspension System and adjustable torso of the MRK2 then adds a split-pontoon design for improved meat hauling by bringing the weight closer to your center of gravity. Now your precious game meat is cradled in a cocoon of MRK armor until you’re ready and waiting with a cooler.

What’s that you say? Still not enough? Fine, get ready for a load out with the MRK6! Some 6,100 cubic inches of cargo space await you to fill with gear and game. The split-pack design features an integrated meat shelf system (it’s a system, so you know it’s good) and the Strata Suspension System for maximum loadouts.

We also solved the problem of getting to your gear with a full load of game, with the addition of a front zipper to access the main pocket.

The MRK pack series is available now in our cutting-edge Approach camouflage pattern and are going like gangbusters.