New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Follow

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Follow

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Follow

“This year, I’m going to work out more, lose weight and eat healthier.”

Uh huh. Sure ya will. Totes believe you.

Look, we want to believe in you. We want you to be the best version of you possible. But…

Let’s be frank, no one follows through on their New Year’s resolutions.

The gyms will be slammed for a few weeks, then back to the usual crowd of three no-necks, two middle-aged parents desperately clinging on to their high school days and that one weird guy in the Bane facemask who obviously hates himself.

Here’s the best part: It’s not your fault. As a society we are programmed to shoot for the moon with these lofty, life-changing goals that start with the arbitrary changing of the calendar (we all know the year doesn’t officially start until spring turkey season, amiright?).

But, like we said, we want to believe and encourage, so to that end we’ve got some helpful suggestions for resolutions that you can accomplish (and maybe one or two of our own).

In 2022, I will practice more with my bow/rifle!

Right on, we all want more trigger/release time. It’s lofty. It’s important. It’s also probably not gonna happen what with soccer season, violin camp, work travel, the in-laws’ 36th anniversary party and a bunch of new comic book movies coming out.

Unless… You practice smart.

Coaches in many sports preach visualization as a positive practice method. The idea is, if you can visualize the activity in enough graphic detail, the brain can’t tell the difference and the benefits are the same. Heck, since you never visualize making a bad shot, the effects may even be better.

So, all that time spent daydreaming about your next elk adventure? Just make sure it’s super-detailed and BOOM you’re practicing.

In 2022, I will get in better shape for backcountry hunting!

Good intention, but we all know by March Madness all of us are focused more on chicken wings and less on cardio things. It’s OK, we all love teriyaki and chicken.

As Dilbert famously advised, work smarter, not harder. Want to go deeper into the wayback and still be able to pack out whatever delicious critter you succeed in bringing down? Sure, you could strap a bag of concrete brick to your back and hit the stair climber… or, simply get a good pack, designed to carry a ton of stuff easily. If you don’t have one, WE HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS!!!!!

In 2022, I won’t spend money on new hunting gear!

(Suppressing laughter)

Sorry… go ahead… continue… no, really, tell us about your plan to save on new bows and knives and cameras and boots and camo and optics.

C’mon, none of us can live up to that impossible standard. There’s just so much cool, new stuff coming out. And we need it so very much. Because, well, REASONS!

Instead, let’s redirect that noble, if not doomed-to-fail, idea into something useful. Maybe something like, I won’t spend money on gear that won’t absolutely help me be a better hunter. Stick to that guidepost, and we’ll call it a victory.

Now, as we promised, here are a couple of our 2022 resolutions that we are 100% committed to following.

In 2022, we will remain focused on making the best-designed, best-built, and best-backed hunting gear and apparel on the market. We’ve got nearly 30 successful years with this promise, and we have no intention of changing it now.

In 2022, we will be here to help you have the best hunting experience we can. Need gear, we have it. Need advice on what gear you need, we’re listening. Need your current gear serviced, we’re standing by to help.

At the end of the day (or year), our drive to improve our products, our ideas and our service is a never-ending quest for perfection. We’re far from perfect, but we promise to do our best by you every day, resolutions or not.

Happy New Year, Badlands fanatics, and may all your hunts be successful!