Shed Shared, Prize Won

Shed Shared, Prize Won

Shed Shared, Prize Won

Last month, we asked everyone out there shed hunting to share some pics of your successes (or spectacular failures) with us via #ShareYourShed. To no one’s surprise (well, maybe Judd’s) the Badlands world responded. You blew us away with some of the sweet sheds you found and beautiful places you found them in.

We’re not gonna lie. This was a hard decision. Like, “barbacoa or carne asada?” from the taco truck hard. There was hard negotiating, case building worthy of Matlock, and even a few thrown objects. But in the end, we cowboy’d up and made our pick. 

So, without further ado, congratulations to the appropriately named Born_to_find_horn for winning the $500 in Badlands gear. That’s a mighty stack of sheds (and a nicely placed Badlands Skull). We’ll send you a PM with more details.

But wait, there’s more!

There were so many cool pics shared with us, we couldn’t just call out one. As part of the office peace accords, we’ve also got our top five honorable mentions. Keep an eye on your DMs, as we’re gonna slide in there with some prize info as well.

  • Clint Siskow
  • Cajunbradley
  • Jake Vancil
  • Tom_outdoorsfool
  • Jordan Walburg

    As for the rest of you, well we’re all winners when time is spent outdoors, chasing bucks and bulls (or at least their sheds) and living the life. Thanks for playing along.

    If we’ve learned nothing else from this little bit of fun, it’s that the eternal rules of cool outdoor photos still ring true today. Cute kids rule. Sweet trucks are sweet. And every photo is better with a dog in it.