man using binoculars during warm hunt

Tech Spotlight: Temperature Regulation & Breathable Fabric

man using binoculars during warm hunt

We keep trying to think of something worse than being too hot or too cold in your hunting apparel while out on a hunt and we can’t. There’s just nothing worse than suffering through the brutal cold or sweating through your base layers because the fabric is too heavy.

We know it’s important to you that you pick the right Badlands gear for your hunt. Which makes it important to us that you don’t have to worry about being miserable in whatever temperature you find yourself in. So how do we make sure our hunting apparel is perfect for your hunting conditions? It’s all in the fabric. 

Hardworking Fabrics

We’re all about the best fabrics for the hunt. But out of the full lineup, we have two specific kinds to talk about: DuraSpun Merino and Eclipse™ Air-Vent Fabric. We'll also go over the insulations we use and how they work hard to keep you comfortable on the hunt. Each one brings something special, so let’s break it down:

hunter in tree stand pulling gaiter over face
  • DuraSpun Merino: The best for moisture wicking. It’s also naturally odor resistant and durable due to being spun around a single strand of Cordura® thread. It’s soft, comfortable and extra durable. This breathable fabric is used in our Pecora collection, which includes a lightweight crew and legging, midweight 1/4-zip, hoodie and multiple accessories.
  • Eclipse™ Air-Vent: This is our lightest weight, most breathable, hunting-capable fabric. It’s designed to throw off as much heat as possible and still survive the backcountry. You’ll find this in our new Andaire line, available as a men’s Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Crew, Pant and Short, as well as a women’s Long Sleeve Crew. This line is as close to wearing nothing as we can design.

But how do these hunting fabrics work to regulate temperature and make sure you’re not suffering out in the field? We combine the fabric technology with our temp-regulation technologies to make the best and most comfortable gear.

Staying Warm

A successful hunt has no room for shivering in the wind. That’s why our Heatwave™ fabric technology works with your body to supply you with those crucial extra degrees of warmth you need. Heatwave™ is a high-tech ceramic print on the inner surface of select Badlands gear that reflects your body's heat back onto you. We’ve included Heatwave™ in everything from beanies to leggings to outerwear, so you’re warm in whatever you wear. 

man climbing up tree stand during winter hunt

Keeping Cool

You don’t want to be cold, but you also don’t want to be dripping in sweat. That’s why Badlands has CoolTouch™ fabric. This is a sophisticated lining on the inner surface of Badlands' warm-weather gear that reacts with your sweat to create a cooling effect. It works so well, we even created our first set of boxer briefs using CoolTouch™ technology, to give a much-neglected area some well-deserved relief. And our best-selling Stealth Hoodie uses it, too. Beanies, base layers and more, CoolTouch™ will make any early season hunt feel easy-breezy. 

Powered by PrimaLoft® Insulation

We’ve covered the durability of our fabrics. We’ve covered the technology that helps regulate your temperature. The only thing left is bringing it all together with the premier synthetic insulation: PrimaLoft®.

The best thing about PrimaLoft® is that it's water resistant (made of polyester), so if it does get wet, the material doesn’t absorb the water, allowing it to retain its insulating ability. When down gets wet on the other hand, it clumps together and stays that way unless you immediately break it up.

Badlands uses four types of PrimaLoft® insulation:

female hunter zipping up jacket
  • PrimaLoft® Silver: This offers high breathability and unmatched thermal properties, designed specifically for high-output adventures. Due to the body-mapped insulation, the technology helps regulate temperature on its own so you can focus on the hunt. We use this in both the Silens and Pyre It’s perfect for cool-to-moderate temperatures for the active hunter.
  • PrimaLoft® Gold: This is insulation that retains heat when you need it and dumps it when you don’t. It’s the highest standard of synthetic insulation out there, but without the bulk and weight. We use this in the mid-layer option in the Badlands Active Hunter Series, the Balder 1/2-Zip Jacket. It’s perfect for those mild-weather days.
  • PrimaLoft® Active: Carries the same breathable, moisture-managing properties as the Silver and Gold, but brings in the stretch to keep you extra comfortable on the move, regardless of intensity or season. We incorporate PrimaLoft® Active under the arms and down the spine on our Odin Jacket, the cool-to-moderate temperature option in our Active Hunter lineup.
  • PrimaLoft® Cross Core™: This uses aerogel technology/aerogel fibers originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications. Silica aerogel is a highly porous, low-density structure that forms a temperature barrier, locking out cold and heat. PrimaLoft® Cross Core™ is paired with PrimaLoft® Gold in our Surt Jacket, which retains warmth when and where you need it, and releases excess heat and moisture during periods of high activity. The Surt is the warmest jacket in the Badlands Active Hunter Series and designed for the cold-weather active hunter.

We’ve done the work and the research, and we feel confident we’ve given you the best options with our Badlands gear for all temperatures during all seasons. We want you to be prepared for the worst, the best, and all the ever-changing hunting conditions in between. Visit our Weather Conditions collection page to learn more about the breathable fabrics and technologies that will keep you in the field longer on your next hunt.

man on cool upland hunt