A Salute to the Oh-So-Resourceful Hunting Bib

A Salute to the Oh-So-Resourceful Hunting Bib

A Salute to the Oh-So-Resourceful Hunting Bib

Let’s talk bibs.

No, not the stylish denim jumpers that we adore on small kids and cringe at on large, shirtless men at Chris Stapleton shows. We’re talking about the best decision you can make when the mercury drops and you have to keep warm while also keeping comfortable.

Specifically, the Pyre Bib, which was designed for those cold, cold mornings in the treestand. Why is the bib such a great choice? Simple: coverage

See, with a jacket/pant combo, there’s a natural gap between the pant and jacket where wind and cold can creep in. No matter how well you tuck in shirts or tug down jackets, once you’re 17 feet in the air, the wind will find a way.

Bibs just laugh at the wind, as they leave no gap, and when paired with good boots and a nice warm coat (say, the Pyre Jacket), create a wind- and cold-proof shell from neck to toe.

How does it do that? Science, y’all.

Primaloft® Silver insulation, C6 DWR water- and wind-proofing, fully taped seams and fleece handwarmer pockets, etc. If you could wrap yourself up in a warm bean burrito, the Pyre is what it would feel like. If you’re hunting the frozen tundra (of Siberia or Wisconsin), the heat-retaining features can be a lifesaver.

But we also love bibs because of the access and flexibility.

Access because we can slip in and out of them quickly, without having to take off our boots. If you’re faced with a long drive home with a Chilly Willy hunting partner that’ll crank the heat to 85, you know how nice it is to pop out of them in seconds.

Bibs are also super easy to slip into upon arrival, or if the weather decides it’s gonna get nasty-cold unexpectedly.

Then there’s the matter of “real” access. The men’s Pyre features a two-way zipper and easy-off side zips, whereas the women’s Pyre has all the access you need to answer nature’s call without having to remove the bib.

It’s not too far of a stretch to say we have a love affair with bibs. Maybe it’s the body-hug warmth they provide, maybe it’s all the handwarmers, thigh pockets and chest pouches that we find so handy. Maybe, and this is just a theory, it’s how they take us back to the days when Garanimals bibs were haute couture and the biggest worry in our life was how tall we could build that mud castle.

Regardless, we’re batty for the bib, and we think you will be, too. Much like the binocular harness, once you try a set of bibs in the field, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.