Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Men

Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Men

Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Men

With the holidays approaching, and media pundits everywhere recommending you get your shopping started early, we thought we’d offer our help for any of you struggling to find great gift ideas for the hunter in your life. This week, we’re looking at gifts for men who hunt.

If your hunter is anything like us, we don’t wait for the holidays to buy a new rifle, bow or optic. But, even we admit that opening a box and finding clothing is OK when its high-performance hunting gear.

Shift Jacket and Pants

Gift giving is all about warming hearts of loved ones. And nothing warms the cockles of your loved one better than the Shift Jacket and the Shift Pants.

The Shift Jacket features 40g PrimaLoft® Gold Active Insulation. How is it active? We don’t really know, we think it’s voodoo. But we do know it’s super warm and the comfort level is epic. A hideaway insulated hood and chest vents let you bundle up or let off steam whenever you want.

The Shift Pants have solved the issue that has long plagued hunters since the first union suit was work afield. How do I get these off in the field without totally undressing? The Shift Pants feature full side zippers and a drawstring waist, which means the extra insulation can come off while the boots stay on. And the same 40g PrimaLoft® Gold Active Insulation works like magic in the Shift Pants, as it does in the jacket.

Rush Pants

The jogger. An idea in clothing that signals a modern man who is attuned to the fashionable world… Or one who has a spouse who thinks he dresses like his dad.

Help that fashion-challenged hunter in your life see the light and feel the comfort. The Rush Pants are as equally at home as an in-the-field base layer as they are an end-of-the-day, sitting-around-the-camp-fire pant.

Comfortable stretch fabric cut in the jogger style make for a versatile pair of trousers. Hand pockets and a drawstring waist mean the Rush Pants are more than just a base layer, while a layer of Antimicrobial Silvadur™ keeps them fresh and odor-free when paired under a pair of pants.

MRK Packs

The Mountain Range Killer (or MRK if you’d rather) line of packs are built from the get-go to be as tough as it comes in packs. Yet surprisingly gentle on the spine and hips.

The MRKs come in three sizes (2,400 CI, 3,300 CI and 6,100 CI), but we just can’t get enough of the middle child of the pack family, the MRK3.

3,300 whopping cubic inches of volume offer the ability to lug in and load out just about anything your average hunter needs. Two pontoon compartments fold out to make it easy to transport a lot of game meat, without it feeling like a huge lump of concrete on your back. Add in the built-in rifle or bow boot and the 3-liter water bladder capability and your hunting machine is fully fueled and loaded to go.

Keeping it all securely in place, without loading down the spine, is the Strata Suspension System™, which features an Allite® Super Magnesium™ Frame. Strong, light and the spirit of a pack mule, the MRK3 pack is the perfect choice for your fella afield.

To see the MRK3 (or any of the MRK series packs) up close and personal, hit up our YouTube page.

Canvass Jacket

No, it’s not a typo. This isn’t a jacket made of canvas. It’s a jacket made for canvassing the field, looking for those big ol’ bucks and bulls.

The Canvass Jacket is the Badlands-enhanced version of the fleece jacket. Polartec® Fleece construction makes the Canvass super warm, but the addition of a canvas (only one S) upper brings a level of abrasion resistance that leaves other fleeces all balled up and falling apart.

Zippered hand and chest pockets give you all the storage you’d want in a jacket for scouting, be it for elk or for great Black Friday deals at the local hardware store.

While these are certainly all great options for your hunter, there’s one other thing to keep in mind this holiday season. If it has a red Badlands skull on it, it’s guaranteed to help your hunter have a more comfortable time in the field, and they’ll also bask in the warmth of knowing that yours is a gift of a lifetime thanks to our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Badlands gear is, by any definition, the gift that keeps on giving.