Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Women

Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Women

Your Cheat Sheet for Badlands Gifts for Women

Now that Halloween is over, it has become custom to skip right past Thanksgiving and think about Christmas. And, if the news is to be believed, this year it’s probably smart to start shopping as soon as possible thanks to the current weird state of the world.

So, with that, we thought we’d do our part to help you this holiday season with some great gifts for the female hunters in your life. Our new women’s line covers a lot of ground, so here are some of the most popular items that will make outstanding presents for women who hunt.

Detour Hoodie

What makes a simple hoodie such a popular item with women hunters? It really comes down to the little details that make the Detour stand out from the pack.

For starters, the Detour Hoodie is comfortable, durable, and stupid quiet in the woods. 40g Primaloft® Gold insulation in the chest and back keeps the core nice and warm without sacrificing dexterity in the arms. And zippered hand pockets keep the digits toasty and ready to draw a bow or press that trigger.

But it’s also in features like the hood that have female hunters all excited. The Detour has been cut to fit the female torso, and the hood itself has been sized to be more accommodating to ponytails or buns. Now this may sound like a small matter, but once you’ve had the top of your head mashed in for hours with a normal-sized hood, you’ll see the light.

Pyre Bib

The Pyre Bib is the absolute perfect choice for those cold, cold hunts in the stand or blind. Primaloft® Silver insulation and C6 water-resistance keep the elements out and the body heat in. A high-loft fleece lining makes wearing the Pyre like being all snuggled up in your favorite blanket, but the articulated knees prevent that feeling of being trapped in a snuggly burrito.

Chest pockets and zippered thigh pockets keep the essentials at hand without the need to shift and make game-spooking noise.

Why is this great hunting gear for the female hunter? For that explanation, we have to look at the zippers. Specifically, how many there are and where they are placed.

See, the Pyre Bib was designed to be the easiest cold-weather garment ever made for when nature calls. That’s right, you can go ahead and go without having to take the bib entirely off. Quick and warm potty breaks are now a reality.

Lagatha Leggings

We admit, when our product gurus came up with the idea of crazy comfy leggings that were still tough enough to hunt in, we thought they had broken out the eggnog already. But when we laid eyes on the Lagatha Leggings, our eyes were opened.

Let’s start with the legging part. Four-way stretch, yoga-style pant? Check. Anti-microbial Silvadur™ layer? Check. Utility as a yoga pant, mid layer or base layer? Check, check, check.

Now let’s talk the hardworking part of the Lagatha. A tough and durable abrasion-resistant material covers the seat and from the knees to the shin. Burrs, gravel, branches? Bring ‘em on. Oh, and they have pockets. Thigh pockets keep your gear right at hand and quietly accessible.

These are not your typical Lululemons, and they aren’t made to be worn by your typical suburban mom.

Valkyrie Day Pack

But Badlands, why do I need a backpack for female hunters? Aren’t all backpacks created equally?

Bless your heart… No. All backpacks are not created equal. The Valkyrie Day Pack was designed from the very start for the hard-hunting woman, in places like the shoulder and waist straps that were formed to provide the maximum amount of support and cargo-carrying ability for the female shape.

The Strata Suspension System™, paired with the aforementioned female-friendly contouring, ensures maximum comfort no matter the weight of the load. And ultralight ripstop fabric means the pack will hold up no matter what is thrown its way.

Who knew so much needed to be built into a pack to make it female-friendly? Well… our designers did, but who’s counting?

Shopping for the female hunter has been made even easier this year. In addition to these items, you can rest easy knowing our entire line of women’s hunting gear has been designed and tested by female hunters for the female hunter. And if it has that red skull badge, you also know it’s covered by our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

So go ahead and get that special someone in your life taken care of this holiday season. And when they tell you how much they appreciate all the work and research you put into picking it out… Well, that’ll just be our little secret.

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