Join us for a trip back in time...

1992. What a year! A Few Good Men was in theaters. (YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!) The people voted…and young Elvis won. Everyone was dropping phrases like “cool beans,” “dope” and “whatever!” And best of all, Badlands was born in a humble storage unit in Salt Lake City, Utah, kicking off 30+ years of the world's best hunting gear. You read that right, home skillet! This is a Badlands 30-Year CELEBRATION.


Pack #0001

Badlands’ first piece of hunting gear. It started as a mountaineering pack, until an employee painted it green for a hunting trip. The rest is history.

The 2200 in 1994

It’s like a baby pic! Since then, we’ve made a ton of improvements, making the 2200 a perennial customer favorite and top-performing pack.

The First Superday

This baby was built like a brick $#!&house. Triple stitched. Redundantly engineered. These early packs set the standard for the entire industry.


Badlands’ logo wasn’t always the iconic legend it is today. We started as “Bad Lands,” with the peak of totally rad 1992 design. Later, we started messin’ with the bull, and so we got the horns. Finally, we landed on the logo we all know and love. We’re pretty sure adopting our famous red bull skull is what averted Y2K. You’re welcome.


Great Ad. NOT!

One of our first ads. What we lacked in design skills we made up for with our plucky attitude.

Draw by Hand? Alrighty Then.

Hand-drawn elements first appeared in this 1996 Hypervent ad. Mom always said we had talent.

Watch Out, Eminem

Who says a bunch of hunters from Utah can’t rap? This 1998 ad proved we could sling rhymes.

Don't Look Down
We began as a mountaineering pack company. You really come to appreciate lightweight packs when you’re hanging off a cliff.
Fancier Digs
We quickly outgrew our storage shed workspace, and in 1993, we managed to con our way into a fancy new Badlands HQ: an old furniture warehouse.
Throwback Badlands hunting photo
Since Time Began
Well, for at least 30 years, Badlands packs have been aiding hunters in their quest for trophies, full freezers, and adventure. It’s been a blast.
Unconditional, Seriously
Do we fix every pack that gets sent for repair? Darn tootin’. Yep, we said tootin’. We also said Unconditional Lifetime Warranty from day one, and we meant it.
Throwback hunting picture
Making Friends, Going Places
Moving meat has always been one of the main purposes of our packs. This intrepid hunter is taking a new friend for a piggyback ride. Pun not intended. Perhaps.

Back to the Future

Well, thanks for joining us on that trip down memory lane. Now it's time to fast forward and grab some new Badlands gear.