Pecora Collection

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Have you ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed a Merino sheep with a chemical engineer? Neither have we. Besides, we’re sixty to seventy percent sure that’s illegal.

Made From New DuraSpun Merino

Weird Science: The Story Behind DuraSpun Merino

When we first thought up our Pecora line, we had a very specific goal in mind. We wanted to create each piece using one of our favorite natural fabrics—soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, odor-fighting Merino wool—but we wanted to make it tougher. Stronger. More durable than ever.

So we combined Merino wool with a core strand of one of the toughest fabrics on earth: Cordura®. Hunters around the world have punished Cordura® in grueling conditions for decades—and it still asks for more—which made it a perfect match for our new line. Once we perfected the right balance between the two, DuraSpun Merino was born, and the results are nothing short of incredible.

The Core of the Matter

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