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So you think you have what it takes, huh? Being a Badlands Pro isn’t for the faint of heart or weak of mind. We expect our gear to be used and used hard. If it’s going to sit on a shelf for 362 days a year, just move along — nothing to see here. If you’re the hard-hunting, can’t sleep before a hunt type of person however, we’ve got a place for you. This program was designed as a THANK YOU to certain groups, such as military members (current or retired), police, fire, EMS and DNR/DWR employees. And, was also designed as a testing ground for licensed guides/outfitters as well as those that are employed in the outdoor industry, such as outdoor retail employees. If you fit into any of these categories, this program might be for you. Read on to see what becoming a Badlands Pro requires of you and if you’re still with us at the end, fill out the form. Happy Hunting.

Your first and foremost duty is to use and abuse your Badlands gear. There's nothing we like more than seeing our gear pushed to the limits of what hunting gear should be able to do. It's not doing you or us any good sitting on a shelf. Get out there!

Provide us feedback on the gear you purchase

You are an integral part of our design team and we need continual constructive feedback. By becoming part of this program we consider you part of a team and look forward to hearing from you. Feedback should be provided whenever possible to with subject line: “ProStaff Feedback - Your Name”

As hunters and consumers in general, we often rely on the reviews of others to determine which items we’ll purchase. As a part of this program, you will be required to leave a review for each product you purchase through the program. When logged in to your account on, you can navigate to the product you purchased and leave a review for future visitors. It doesn't take long but your words will be far reaching and beneficial. Your words mean more than ours!


No, we're not yelling at you in all caps, we simply love photos and video and can't get enough. We expect you to send in pictures as much as possible of you putting your Badlands gear to the test. Did you go scouting and take cool pics? Send 'em in! Did you kill something and strap it to your Badlands pack? You better send us a pic! You can send all content to with subject line: ProStaff Content Submission - Your Name

Be a worthy representative of the Badlands brand:

We ask that all of our pro-staff members do their part to make sure hunting is portrayed in a positive light. We ask you to be involved with conservation organizations, hunt responsibly, and leave no trace so that future generations can be afforded the same hunting opportunities that we all have. We take this seriously and hope you will too

Help us spread the virus 

If you see an opportunity to promote the Badlands brand, please do so! If you need something from us in order to help you promote more effectively, just let us know. Always spread the UNCONDITIONAL message that we preach. We are dedicated to Unconditional quality, performance, comfort and of course our no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

Become a Pro

To apply to become a Pro, send an email to with the subject line "Pro Staff Application" and please include the following information in the body of the email

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Category of Application:
    • Guide/Outfitter
    • Police/Fire/EMS
    • Military (Active Duty or Retired)
    • DNR/DWR Employees
    • Outdoor Industry Retail Employee
  • Name of Employer or Organization Associated With
    • Proof of “Employment” - Please attach proof of employment to the email. We will not store any verification documents that are submitted.
  • IMPORTANT STEP - Create a customer account at using the email address you use to send in your pro application. If you use a different email for your Badlands account, please note which email address you used in your application email. Ideally this account will be created prior to us receiving your application. *If you already have a Badlands customer account, please make note of which email address it is under.
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