Replacement Parts

Things break. It's just a part of life. Especially when you hunt as hard as you do. Luckily, you made the wise choice of buying the only hunting gear with a truly UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Part of that warranty includes free replacement parts on some of the hardest hit parts of your gear - buckles and zipper pulls. These pieces (as long as they're not sewn in) can easily be repaired on your end. 

To order your replacement parts, here's what we need to happen:

  1. Send an email to

a. Use "Parts Order" as your Subject Line

b. Attach a picture of the part you are needing to replace or a picture of where a lost part needs to go (for example, if you lost half of a buckle or broke one half of a buckle, send us a picture of the other side) If you lost or broke a zipper pull, send us a picture of where it broke from or another zipper pull on your pack that is comparable

c. Include any explanation that will help us identify what part you are in need of (for example, the width of a buckle if you're able to measure)

d. Include your full name, shipping address and a phone number in case we have questions

2. We will email you back within 2 - 3 business days acknowledging that we received your parts order. Please give us this time cushion to process your order

3. If we don't have any questions, we'll simply get your part in the mail and you'll be good to go

*We ask that you only order parts that you absolutely need to replace broken parts. Ordering "extras" or "spares" is discouraged simply because we want to ensure we have enough replacement parts to go around. They don't grow on trees after all! 

If you are in need of a repair that you can't handle on your own (anything involving sewing, patching, zipper replacement, etc.), please use the following link to submit your item for repair:

We look forward to getting you back in action. If you have non-repair related questions, you can always find us at Thank you and happy hunting!

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