Warranty Repair Claim

If you have a piece of Badlands gear you'd like repaired, just follow these steps. Repairs are completed free of charge, however, we do require a $15 return shipping fee. *PLEASE NOTE - The $15 Fee, collected when you submit your claim, covers the RETURN shipping to you after your repair is complete. You are responsible for the shipping cost to get the item to our Utah repair facility. 

STEP 1) Complete any orders in your shopping cart before submitting your warranty claim. Submitting a warranty claim will remove any products from your shopping cart. 

STEP 2) Wash Your Pack or Apparel. It's important that you wash your pack or apparel, or we'll have to send it back to you. The fastest, easiest way to clean your pack is to use a car wash power washer, or your own pressure washer, with no soap in the line. Another method is to soak your pack in a bathtub using a mild, scent-free detergent. Rinse it well, then line dry it, out of direct sunlight. Do NOT put your pack in the washer or dryer.

STEP 3) Seriously, PLEASE Wash Your Pack or Apparel. We love seeing how hard you use our gear. However, our sewing machines are precision pieces of equipment. Jamming a mud-encrusted pack or piece of clothing through one at 6000 RPM doesn't end well for anyone. Thanks for your help. 

STEP 4: Mark Your Issues. Use colored tape to indicate the areas in need of repair. This will help us find your pack's rips, tears, or broken buckles with ease.

Step 5: Include Your Order Number. When you box up your pack or gear to ship to us, include your order number on, or in the box. Your order number is generated when you process your $15 return shipping fee, and will look something like "BL53142." 

STEP 6: Send your gear to Badlands. Once you've submitted your warranty claim, ship your gear to:

Badlands Gear
9865 South 500 West 
Sandy, UT 84070

Note: Badlands Lodge points cannot be earned on warranty repair claims.