An Ode to the Bino Harness

An Ode to the Bino Harness

An Ode to the Bino Harness

Aside from the rifle/bow and ammo/arrows, is there a more quintessentially vital hunting tool than the binocular?

We say, not likely.

From scouting and stalking to searching and verifying, the binocular is a hunter’s best friend in the field. And as such, deserves a little more love. Which is why we created the enclosed binocular harness and changed the world of neck-mounted-optics-retention devices forever.

We love binos of all brands, but we also universally loathe the thin, flimsy little straps that come with them. They twist. They tangle. They cut into you. They stink (figuratively, although we have smelled some really questionable ones before).

Do your binoculars a kindness and yourself a favor and upgrade that cheap nylon to a proper binocular harness. Once you go harness, you’ll never… uh… something, something rhymes with case.

Let’s count the reasons why Badlands bino harnesses are far superior.

1) Comfort, yo. The four-point harness distributes the load across your back and shoulders, not your neck. Plus, our new Bino Connect™ system allows you to mount your harness right on your pack straps.

2) Access. A binocular harness keeps your glass right where you need it, just a few inches below your eyes. And thanks to a little invention of ours called the Zip-No™ magnetic closure, your binos are kept dry, free of dust and protected from scratches, while still quickly and silently accessible.

3) Protection. Don’t know about you, but our optics aren’t cheap. We’re also, shall we say, a bit rough on things. When we’re climbing over, through and around nature, we don’t want expensive glass-filled objects swaying to-and-fro.

4) Add-ons. Sure, we call it a binocular harness, but there’s so much more you can put on there. Some models feature separate rangefinder pockets, like our badass Bino XR, others have MOLLE-type straps on the outside for more mounting.

5) Capacity. There’s even more space on the inside. We rock a pair of Leupold 12Xs and they are not small. But there’s still space in our Bino X for a protein bar or two, and a pack of AAs (since there’s ALWAYS a trail camera running low).

6) Versatility. In fact, during the off season when we’re setting up cameras, we replace our binos with batteries, ratchet straps and other tools so we can easily clean up, repair, reset and tune up our game cameras. With six different offerings, as well as the Bino Basics (our upgrade to the simple strap), there’s a harness to fit your binoculars and your mission.

We could go on (and on, trust us), but you have the idea. A rock star Badlands bino harness brings so much additional versatility to the field, you’d be a bit goofy to not want one.

Not that we’re totally opposed to goofy, mind you…