male hunter blending into surroundings in camo, using binoculars

Badlands Gear Guide: Binocular Harnesses

male hunter blending into surroundings in camo, using binoculars

Bino harnesses.

We love ‘em.

And yes, we’re biased since we revolutionized the whole category, but that doesn’t change the fact they will change your hunting life. Once you use a bino harness, you’ll never look at a neck strap again.

Badlands has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to safe and convenient optics solutions. So today we want to break them down so you can select the one that fits your needs (and glass) the best.

Bino D Mag

Bino D Mag harness from Badlands

The D Mag is large enough to fit most 10x42mm binoculars and an average-sized laser rangefinder. This model boasts 285 cubic inches of storage. This is a great choice for you foul-weather hunters, as the Mag’s magnetic closure system forms a continuous seal. This keeps your optics dry, clean and protected, no matter the conditions. (We’ve also included a built-in, removable rain cover to be sure.)

Bino XR Mag harness from Badlands

Bino XR

The Bino XR offers dual compartments, one for your binos (up to 10x42mm) and another for your favorite laser rangefinder. Both feature tethers to make sure your treasured optics come home with you. Our exclusive Zip-No™ magnetic closures are secure, but still super quick and silent to open. Two additional side pockets keep the essentials at hand. Personally, we keep our beef jerky in one, and our manly, manly lip balm in the other. Like the Bino D Mag, we up the protection level with a built-in rain cover.

Bino Mag 2 harness from Badlands

Mag Bino Harness

It was the bino harness that started a revolution in optics care. It’s also still one of our most popular harnesses. The Mag Bino Harness will accommodate binos up to 12x50mm, and the continuous magnetic seal keeps your glass free from the elements. We’ve included a bow hook, so you can free your hands to take a sip from the 1-liter hydration bladder. It’s a legend. It’s an icon. It’s the Mag Bino Harness.

Bino X harness from Badlands

Bino X

If you like big objectives and you cannot lie, the Bino X is the harness for you. Able to take on massive optics (even up to 20x56mm), the Bino X takes the weight off of your neck and distributes it across your torso thanks to the oversized shoulder straps. Zip-No™ magnetic seals with Progressive Opening technology mean you can open the harness a little or a lot, depending on what you need.


Bino C harness from Badlands

Bino C

Going to the other end of the size spectrum, the Bino C is the Rocket Racoon to the Bino X’s Groot (adult version). This trim, compact harness is designed for most compact 10x42mm binos, and the continuous magnetic seal keeps them out of harm’s way. But small size shouldn’t mean no convenience, so we included a bow hook to help take the load off when glassing.

Bino Z harness from Badlands

Bino Z

Pretty much the same design, size and features as the Mag Bino Harness, the Bino Z does sport on one big difference. Instead of a magnetic closure, the Z features a full-zip closure. Why? If you have a pacemaker or other sensitivity to magnets, you know why.



Bino Basics

For the true minimalist, the Bino Basics offer the same convenience of the chest-mounted bino harness, just without the harness. If you’re in for a day of light scouting, or just don’t feel like taking all your gear, this is a great choice. We keep our truck binos on a Bino Basics so we can throw them on and hop out.

Bino Connect

The latest game-changing innovation from Badlands is our Bino Connect™ system. This allows you to attach your bino directly to your pack straps. Why, you may ask. This allows you to remove the shoulder straps from the harness, which means one less set of straps to deal with. It also distributes the weight across the entire pack strap system. Keep all your gear together in one quick, easy-to-put-on package.

We hope this helps you better understand the differences between bino harnesses. No matter what your bino (and LRF) needs are, we’ve got a harness for you. If you’re still not 100% sure, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll help you pick the right harness.

All our harnesses are available in Approach or Approach FX camo patterns, and some can be had in our new solid Mud color (coming soon to a red carpet near you). Each and every one is also covered by Badlands’ Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Run your gear hard, we’ll be here to take care of it in the crazy-rare chance something goes wrong.