male hunter during the fall

Badlands Gear Guide: Jackets

male hunter during the fall

Jacket is a pretty loaded term, and around here that can mean a lightweight jacket for the fall turkey hunt, or a heavily insulated overcoat for those subzero sits in the stand. No matter what climate or condition, Badlands has a jacket for your need. Here’s a handy guide to help you figure out what jacket suits your needs best, starting with the lightest (warmer weather) and working to the heavy-duty cold weather gear.

Rev Jacket

Softshell jackets rock, but most of them are a little stiff and impede the important movements like drawing a bow, holding up binos or opening Little Debbie products. So, we developed a unique single-layer softshell. Our bio-mapped side panels help regulate your temperature, but they also free your arms and shoulders to do arm and shoulder things.

Water resistance and zippered hand and chest pockets make the Rev a great choice for those 45- to 70-degree days.

Prime Jacket

When you’re up in the treestand, you want a jacket that is quiet, wind-resistant and lightweight. If it happens to protect you from rain, even better. Say hello to the Prime Jacket, featuring Badlands’ ultra-quiet Approach FX fleece.

Did we say treestand? Yes sir, the Prime features a built-in port for your treestand tether (which y’all are wearing, right?). This keeps you safely strapped in, but doesn’t limit your movement. A drawstring waist and zippered hand and chest pockets keep the chill at bay on those 45- to 65-degree outings.

Rise Jacket

Up in the air, sitting on a metal mesh seat, means the wind and rain have direct access to you. So how do you combat that? Grab our Rise Jacket and you’re good to go. Water resistance and a drawstring waist and zippered hand pockets mean you stay warm while the elements stay out on those 45- to 65-degree days.

Ultra-quiet Badlands Approach and Approach FX fleece make this stupid quiet, while the built-in treestand tether port makes you safe. What’s not to like?

Drive Jacket

We are big believers in keeping things simple when possible. Case in point, the Drive Jacket. It’s a softshell. It’s wind- and water-resistant. It has a hood. It does its job without getting in the way of your hunt.

The grid fleece lining and an adjustable hood keep you toasty when the mercury hits that 35- to 60-degree range.

Ascend Jacket

It may sound like a lofty cologne, but the Ascend Jacket is all business… Whitetail business. We know comfort is king when you’re looking at a long sit in a stand or blind. We built the Ascend with that key goal in mind. The Ascend is like sitting in a cloud of bubble wrap made of cashmere with a warm puppy on your lap.

The bonded two-layer construction using our ultra-quiet Approach FX fleece keeps you dry and has a long coat tail to block the wind. Thirty-degree day? Sixty-degree day? No matter, the Ascend has it covered.

Resist Jacket

One knock we have against some jackets out there is the lack of flexibility. For example, those real tight white ones we wore at that nice mental place just had no range of motion. That’s why we built the Resist Jacket to be the most flexible jacket we offer. Compressible sleeves, articulated arms and fleece panels allow you all the range of motion you’ll need. Weird angle bow shot? Got it. High angle shot from a treestand, covered. Midday mountaintop yoga? Weird, but go for it!

Ultra-quiet face fabric and poly/spandex construction offer a water-repellant finish and superior comfort. A zippered pass-through hand pocket allows easy access to the belt and pockets without unzipping the whole jacket. The perfect window for the Resist is in the 30- to 60-degree range.

Bearclaw Jacket

If MacGyver’s Swiss Army knife were a jacket, it would be the Bearclaw. It’s the perfect mid or outer layer to keep stuffed in your pack for those late-day temperature drops. Not surprisingly, it also packs away well when that sun breaks out and warms the day.

A warm, durable Polartec fleece outer shell keeps you dry and a full-zip front makes for easy on and off. In 25-degrees or 60-degrees, the Bearclaw is the perfect accessory.

High Uintas Jacket

We love the High Uintas Mountains, which is why we named our favorite jacket after them. Crazy light, compressible and packable, the High Uintas is filled with some of our most advanced technology.

Anitmicrobial Silvadur™, Primaloft® Silver Insulation, water resistance… The High Uintas keeps you dry, warm and from stinking up the whole forest. This jacket shines in 15- to 50-degrees.

Calor Jacket

Calor is Latin for “heat, warmth or glow,” so you can guess what kind of weather we had in mind with this jacket. Our unique Heatwave™ Ceramic Liner is activated by your body heat and keeps you toasty even when you’re sitting in a blind all day. The water- and wind-resistant softshell construction and Antimicrobial Silvadur™ is our fancy way of saying dry, warm and scent controlling.

When the days start out at zero degrees and “warm” to 40, the Calor is the choice.

Pyre Jacket

No one likes to be freezing cold. Even polar bears have warm coats. We believe whitetail, predator and other cold-weather hunters deserve the same. Enter the Pyre. Our heaviest-duty jacket ever, the Pyre offers 160-gram Primaloft® Silver Insulation along with a 100% water- and windproof outer. Fully taped seams and waterproof zippers keep the rain and snow out.

A treestand tether port and a chest pocket with a rangefinder lanyard keeps you and your gear from taking a tumble. With an adjustable hood and articulated arms, it’s all about maximum range of motion. A long coat tail and fleece-lined hand pockets keep the heat in and the wind out. Made for the serious cold, the Pyre is best between 15- and 35-degrees.

There you go. A quick breakdown of our jackets. From a warm-weather camo layer to the last barrier between you and becoming a popsicle, we’ve got the right jacket for you. When you combine the right jacket with the right mid layer and base layer, you start to see the perfect combination for any weather condition, anywhere, any time.