male hunter sitting at campsite

Badlands Gear Guide: Base Layers

male hunter sitting at campsite

Here at Badlands, we take great pride in offering apparel to meet any and all hunting situations. The downside to this Boy Scout approach, is that we have a ton of options to choose from, and they can get confusing.

So, we figured we’d take a few weeks and break down how one piece stacks up against another to help you build a well-rounded collection to keep you cool, warm, dry, quiet, comfortable, or whatever adjective you so desire.

This week, we’re gonna cover the stuff that keeps all the good bits warm during those cold weather ventures: Base layers. From our new Pecora line to classics such as the Mutton and Elevation, we have the right product to keep things cozy where it matters.

So, what makes the Mutton different from the Pecora from the Ovis? It really boils down to two factors: Material and temperature range. Let’s start with the warm-weather base layers and work to the real chill fighters.



Our new Pecora line of leggings and tops is a scientific marvel. For the full details, check out our introduction to Pecora post at THIS LINK HERE.

The tl;dr version is that we’ve managed to combine the durability and toughness of Cordura® with the moisture-wicking softness of Merino wool via our DuraSpun technology. It’s amazeballs for your… well…. you know.

Designed for those early-season hunts where sweating is a real threat, the Pecora works best in the 45°-90° range. You know, those super aggravating days where you hike in and it’s chilly, then you bake in the midday, only to get smacked with the afternoon temp drop.

For those keeping score, the Pecora Leggings and Long-Sleeve Crew rock 150 grams of Merino, while the ¼-Zip has 200 grams of the magic stuff.


Aside from having a fun name to say, the Mutton leggings and tops come in our solid Stone color and feature smooth, comfortable Merino goodness. Not only does Merino keep you warm and cool (which is a marvel in and of itself), but it also has natural antimicrobial properties which means less stink from you.

This is the choice if you’re an all-season, one-item-does-it-all kinda person. The Mutton is designed to perform best in that 25°-70° range. This is the American lager of the base layer line. Not too heavy, not too light, but has a complex flavor profile that no one else seems to get right. The Mutton Leggings, Long-Sleeve Crew and Short-Sleeve Crew all feature 190 grams of Merino.


We’re gonna cover the next two sets at once, because they share a lot in common. For example, both the Elevation and the Calor feature our Heatwave™ technology, which reacts to your body heat to keep you warm when the mercury goes all the way to the bottom of the thermometer. These will be your choice in that 0°-60° range. As an added bonus, in addition to the Heatwave™ ceramic liner, we’ve also added in antimicrobial Silvadur™ to keep that stank at bay.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two? Simple, the Calor is available in Approach camo and the Elevation is available in Approach FX camo.


If you are a fan of Merino (and if not, you really need to rethink your positions in life), then the Ovis is the base layer for you.

We may seem obsessed with the stuff, but Merino is a magic material. This is why we never pass up the chance to hug a Merino sheep whenever we can. And now you know why we’ve been banned from the Salt Lake City zoo.

Also designed for that 0°-60° day, the Ovis delivers all the goodness of Merino including insulating, moisture-wicking and scent abatement. You’ll find a whopping 260 grams of Merino in the Ovis Leggings and ¼-Zip.


We know a lot of you are bib fans, which means your lower half is pretty well insulated. So you may only be looking for a top base layer. While any of the tops from the previously mentioned sets work great, we also offer a variety of standalone tops that also double as great camo when the days get stupid warm. Let’s start with the warm-weather options again.


Turkey hunters have long been in love with the Algus tops. The long-sleeve base layer makes a great choice under our Turkey Vest when those spring days get warm. Made from our CoolTouch™ fabric, the Algus wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. Silvadur™ antimicrobial treatment keeps it from getting funky in the heat.

A true warm-weather piece, the Algus is best used when the temps run between 50 and 100-hot-damn degrees.


Yes, we’re back to Merino. But it really is awesome stuff, and so is the Variant Hoodie. This new addition to the Badlands line features our DuraSpun technology, which combines the coziness of Merino with the super-strong traits of Cordura®.

In addition, we’ve built in Cordura® panels for extra toughness, a crazy-soft terry liner, and a big ol’ kangaroo pocket just because.

The Variant ¼-Zip Hoodie is a rock star in the 30°-70° range and features 300 grams of Merino.


Take your choice, did we name the Seal after the cold-water loving animal that’s as versatile a survivor as it is adorable? Or did we name it after the U.S. Navy’s bad-ass commando teams?

Answer: Yes.

The Seal ¼-Zip is a great choice for those cold mornings when all you see is single digits on the truck thermometer. The pairing of Algus CoolTouch™ sleeves with a Merino body means warm, dry and aroma free all around the upper torso.

But it’s not just a one-trick pony for cold weather. When the temps get up to the 70s or beyond, the Seal magically transforms from a base layer to an outer layer. Yes, friends, it instantly becomes a proper top without the need for zipping anything in or out, rolling or unrolling or repeating any magic incantations.



Last but certainly not least, we come to the most base of base layers. The skivvie.

We took the same material from our Algus base layer and made a set of boxers that have that Goldilocks factor. Not too tight, not too loose. Not too hot, not too chilly. In other words…. Juuuuuust right.

Friends, we hope this breakdown of our base layer offerings has helped you figure out what items you need for your outdoor adventures. If not, feel free to give our crack customer service folks a call. They’re always happy to help you get kitted up for your next hunt.