Warm, Fuzzy and Built to Last – Introducing the Pecora Line

Warm, Fuzzy and Built to Last – Introducing the Pecora Line

Warm, Fuzzy and Built to Last – Introducing the Pecora Line

Around here, we love Merino wool. Crazy warm, but also moisture-wicking so it doesn’t roast us when we’re hiking the hills. It’s great stuff.

We also love Cordura®. It withstands pretty much anything short of a Hattori Hanzo samurai sword. Durable is an understatement.

Much like that crazy kid who got chocolate in his buddy’s peanut butter and gave us the peanut butter cup, we’ve combined Merino wool with Cordura® to create the perfect hybrid of tough and soft; performance and ruggedness. A thread that has truly brought balance to the Force.

Now you, too, can enjoy the best of both worlds with the new Pecora line.

First, the bighorn in the room… Pecora is an infraorder of even-toed, hoofed mammals with ruminant digestion. Most members of Pecora have cranial appendages projecting from their frontal bones. (Translation: Bighorn sheep and pronghorn.)

We’ve baked DuraSpun technology into each piece of the Pecora line, from the leggings and crew neck top, to the ¼-zip pullover and Variant hoodie. The end result is a baselayer that holds up to the wear and tear of hunting far better than Merino, but is baby soft and cozy up against the skin.

Designed for those early season hunts, Pecora is the bomb when mornings are crisp, but temps rise throughout the day. It’s also a great choice for those hunts that put your cardio to the test on the hike in, then require you sit motionless on a Lion King rock outcropping in the chilly wind for hours.

The Pecora comes in our ground-breaking Approach camouflage pattern, so you can always strip way down if it gets hot, and still stay concealed. Just try that with your Hanes tighty-whitey t-shirt!

We can hear you asking: “When, Mr. Badlands blog guy, can I get these miracle new baselayers?”

How about…. Now. Does now sound good? Because all you need to do is drag that cursor up to “gear” and then drag down to the “baselayers” link. Or, if you’re more of a direct action type of person and just can’t get enough copy and paste, visit https://www.badlandsgear.com/pages/pecora.


Welcome to Pecora.