man hauling large hunting pack

Badlands Gear Guide: Vario Pack System

man hauling large hunting pack

One of the downsides to creating the ultimate in modularity and customization is the number of options it creates.

Yes, you read that right, options are a downside.

Oh, not for you, the hunter, the camper, the angler, the backcountry badass. For you folks, having the ultimate in personalization is the goal, the objective, the (dare I say it?) dream.

But for us, the purveyor of such technological brilliance, it can be a downright pain in the posterior. See, we have to try and explain every possible combination and setup under the sun, without the luxury of being able to write a book on it.

Case in point, the Vario System.

If we took the time to break down every conceivable way to set up this pack system to meet everyone’s specific needs, why it would take longer than it feels waiting for the elk tag draw in Montana.

We’d be crazy to even attempt such a ludicrous feat… Thankfully, we’re just that crazy.

The Vario System has been painstakingly thought out to be the most flexible, modular and customizable pack in our lineup (and possibly the universe, but we’re waiting for verification from Elon on that claim). From a whitetail day pack to the deepest of backcountry elk camps, there’s a Vario setup for you.

Vario Packs

Vario Frame 

Badlands Vario Frame pack


At the core of the system is the Vario Frame. This magnesium alloy frame is pretty much impervious to bending or crushing, no matter the loadout. A memory foam suspension keeps your core cool and dry. Wide shoulder straps provide thick cushioning, while the molded-foam waist belt has easy-to-cinch reverse tightening straps.

Two sizes mean the perfect fit for your frame, and a ton of built-in features abound. Like what? How about a hip belt pistol holster, blaze orange meat shelf, Aramid bartacking on all the stress points and 100% compatibility with our Bino Connect™ System.

Vario Day

Everyone thinks of the Vario as a deep woods loadmaster, but we know sometimes you just want a little cargo for the day. To that end, we created the 1,800 cubic inch Vario Day Pack for the Vario Frame.

KXO-50™ fabric is tough and quiet, while the wide-mouthed zipper opening swallows all your cargo with ease. More daisy chain lash points than a jitney bus, as well as bedroll straps, a hydration pocket and side-access zippers mean you can load this down far beyond the typical “day” pack.

Vario 22

Badlands Vario 22 pack

People love the Badlands 2200 Pack, so we figured that must be the sweet spot size-wise. So we designed a 2,700 cubic inch pack for the Vario Frame and the rest is magic. Internal MOLLE attachment points and a detachable (and included) bow/rifle boot make the Vario 22 far more useful than just a bag on your back. 

Vario 33/Vario 33 Kit

Badlands Vario 33 pack

The true Swiss Army Knife of the Vario lineup is the Vario 33 Pack. Big enough to go deep, yet not so oversized as to be overkill on an overnight hunt. The Vario 33 is a beast and a beauty with its KXO-50™ fabric and big mouth zippered opening. A detachable bow/rifle boot, bedroll straps, and oh so many hideaway daisy chain lash points makes the Vario 33 out carry its weight class.

If you’re looking to get into your first Vario System, the Vario 33 is the Goldilocks option, which is why we offer it as a separate pack, as well as a kit, including the frame. The T-Hook system makes it fast and secure to add the Ultralight Batwing accessory, or lash down your bow, rifle, tripod, hockey stick, flagpole or javelin.

Vario 50

Now we’re getting serious with our load capabilities. This is a serious backwoods pack (or if you just don’t want to rent a U-Haul). 5,000 cubic inches of space is just the start of the capacity, as lash points, bedroll straps, detachable rifle/bow boots and massive side-stretch pockets await.

If you plan on taking everything except the kitchen sink, or you want to bring out the meat in one take, the Vario 50 is the way to go.

Vario 65

Now, if you want to take all that stuff AND the kitchen sink, step on up to the mammoth of the Vario family, the Vario 65. We don’t even know where to begin with this behemoth. We once took our family on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, and we didn’t even fly. We just tossed the kids into the Vario 65 and off we went. OK, that’s a joke. Don’t do that. Even if the kids love it, just don’t.

The Vario 65 clocks in a just 2lb, 5oz, but can haul out as much as you’re willing to load. The Vario Frame distributes the load evenly down through the hips, allowing you to fill this puppy up with days and days worth of hunting staples, and then haul out the fruit (delicious meaty, meaty fruit) of your labors at the end.

Vario Accessories

You want more? My friend, you got it!

Vario Spot Wing

You love your spotting scope. We all do. It’s likely the most expensive, yet hardest to protect, chunk of glass in your kit. Stop shoving it in with the rest of your gear and give it the love it deserves with the Vario Spot Wing. Designed specifically for most spotting scopes on the market, the Spot Wing has twin pockets—one for your scope and one for your tripod.

Vario Deluxe Batwing

If the Ultralight Batwing is “a good start” in your eyes, then you need the Deluxe Batwing. Large pockets hold more gear and are quick to attach thanks to the T-Hook connection system. 

Vario Backcountry Game Bag

Badlands Vario game bag

You’ve put in a whole lot of work to fill that freezer, so be sure to protect that protein in the field with our Backcountry Game Bag. Tough, durable and breathable nylon keep your meat safe from bugs, branches, mud and everything else you encounter in the woods. A drawstring/ buckle enclosure keeps the nasty out and the easy attachment to the Vario Frame keeps the load on, where it belongs.

Was that a lot? It seemed like a lot. That was a lot. But when you’re talking about the best modular pack system on the market (in our opinions, at least), there is a lot of ground to cover. So from the day trip to the treestand or shed hunt, to the epic week-long venture deep into the wild, there’s a Vario Pack waiting for you.

And the best part? It all starts with a single frame.