Cold, Wet and Stupid Is No Way to Go Through Hunting Season

Cold, Wet and Stupid Is No Way to Go Through Hunting Season

Cold, Wet and Stupid Is No Way to Go Through Hunting Season

Know how great hunting stories don’t start?

“It was so nice and warm that day…”

No, the real hunting sagas—the ones that only come out around campfires and brass rails—start with, “Holy hell, it was miserable out there…”

While that may be true, did you know that just because your hunting conditions are brutally cold, it doesn’t mean you need to be?

(Cue: ‘The More You Know’ star)

Your story will be just as riveting, you just have to leave out the parts where you’re toasty and warm because you were a smarty-pants and picked the right Badlands gear for your hunt.

Wanna suffer in the cold? Did your dad tell you that shivering builds character? Dude, that’s your call. Personally, we’re keeping our bits warm in the field. Character-schmaracter.

What’s hot? Fire. What rhymes with fire? Pyre. Coincidence? Possibly. We’re not sure.

But what’s not a coincidence is how well our Pyre Jacket and Bibs work to keep you warm. It’s science, baby.

Primaloft®Silver. It’s not a bitchin’ color of bow riser, it’s a high-tech insulation in the Pyre that’s lightweight and keeps you from feeling like the little brother in A Christmas Story.

C6 DWR may sound like a droid from Star Wars, but it’s a waterproofing finish with performance that surpasses even BB-8’s. Dry = warm. Again, it’s science. Look it up.

The Pyre’s fully taped seams keep water where it belongs… in ice… in a margarita.

What you wear underneath is just as critical as your outer shell. It’s a little-known fact that turtles wear tiny base layers under their shells to keep them warm in cold water. No, really, we couldn’t make this up.... OK, we made that up.

However, it’s a fact that the Ovis Leggings and ¼ Zip Pullover are made of the magical material known as Merino wool. What’s Merino wool? There is a mythical beast known as the Merino sheep, and its wool is thinner and softer than regular sheep’s wool. It keeps the sheep comfortable in climates that range from 5 degrees to 95 degrees.

Not only is it warmer than a bowl of your mom’s chicken noodle soup, it wicks away sweat and moisture, which can be killers in the field.

Merino is also naturally odor- and bacteria-resistant. The people you may share a tent, camp or blind with will really appreciate this feature.

And it’s soft. Like crazy soft. Like the wee lil’ hairs on Baby Yoda’s head soft.

While we’re talking Merino, let’s talk the Merino Glove Liner. We take this magic wool, add some gripping texture to the palms, sew on capacitive fingertips (big word that means your finger will operate your smart phone) and make it thin enough to slip on under your pair of hunting gloves.

They also work great as stand-alone gloves, providing a perfect fit, stylish look and all the magic wizardry of the Merino sheep.

So, if you really think freezing to near death builds character, go ahead and keep on keeping on. We think your dad, on this topic at least, was full of it. We bet if he had a set of Pyre Bibs and Jacket, along with some Merino underbits, he’d realize that character comes from taunting your friends as they shiver their way into icicle-dom while you remain warm, dry and comfy.

Don’t give them too much guff, though. After they thaw out, send ‘em a link to That way they’ll be warm and dry on the hunt next year, and you can bask in the warm glow of forcing them to admit you’re smarter, more handsome and an all-around better hunter than they are. And isn’t that all anyone really wants?