badlands everyday apparel

Gear Guide: Live the Badlands Lifestyle with These Everyday Jackets

badlands everyday apparel

Listen, we get it. We really do.

Our hunting jackets are so darn cozy and well thought out that you just want to wear them all the time. In the field. To the grocery store. To the ball game. On a date.

But the sad fact of our modern society is you just can’t.

If you do, you get labeled as “that weirdo who’s always in camouflage, and didn’t we just see a special edition of 48 Hours that featured one of those camo people?”

But fear not, oh, outdoor enthusiast friends, for your ol’ pals at Badlands have you covered. Literally and figuratively.

Let’s take a look at our collection of lifestyle jackets sure to make you feel like you’re in the woods, while you’re enduring another hour of riveting soccer practice for 6-year-olds.

Canvass Jacket

Polartec® fleece envelopes your body with its soft, warm, cuddly… uh… fleeciness. While the exterior features an abrasion resistance that comes in handy should you find yourself suddenly off the beaten path in search of adventure.

Good from 20 to 60 degrees, the Canvass features our favorite color name in the catalog: Desert Storm!

Galt Jacket

Sorry Ayn Rand fans, we didn’t name this poly fleece jacket after the missing billionaire from the famed run-on sentence… we mean, book… “Atlas Shrugged.”

No, this rugged and stylish jacket gets its name from the rugged and stylish Badlands Pro Staffer, Josh Galt of Louisiana. What do they know about jackets in the Bayou State? Shut yo’ mouth, chile, and listen up, cher.

When the mercury sits between 30 and 60 degrees, the Galt Jacket is the go-to in either Smoke or Desert colors. Not too heavy, not too light. It’s like we wove Josh’s beard into a glorious jacket just for y’all.

Endsley Shacket

Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket?

Duh, it’s a shacket.

Inspired by our beloved Pro Staffer (and intrepid co-host of the Badlands Film Festival), Tim Endsley, the Shacket that bears his name brings the best of both worlds.

A complete flannel lining makes the Endsley the warmest long-sleeve shirt you’ll ever wear, and makes a great choice when it’s chilly, but you don’t want the hassle of an outer layer.

When it gets a bit colder, simply throw the Endsley on over a regular shirt and BOOM! Instant warmth upgrade.

Thirty degrees, 70 degrees, any point in between? Just like Timmy himself, the Endsley’s good to go.

Blacktail Jacket 2.0

We’ve never understood “(Blank) is the new black” comments. What’s wrong with black being good ol’ black? We like black. Black is useful. Black is stylish. Black hides all kinds of wing sauce stains.

So in that vein, we made the Blacktail Jacket 2.0 available in any color you like, as long as you like black. There is so much to like about this jacket. From the polyfill insulation up front to the stretchy nylon back and sleeves, the Blacktail 2.0 keeps the chill out while keeping you flexible enough for hard-core parkour, krav maga or any of the other weird-sounding things we’ve seen on YouTube.

The Blacktail 2.0 is great for a night out with friends, but can also pull duty in the blind or as a layer in the field. The newly added hood keeps the rain away and the chill out. Great in that odd 30-70-degree space where you may want a jacket (hello, Utah winds!) but a proper coat is overkill.

There you have it, Badlandians, a quick look at our lifestyle jacket collection. Stylish, useful, warm and all covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty? You bet.

Now you don’t have to decide between being the jacketless “ope, it’s mighty nippy out here” fool and looking like you’re doing your best impersonation of a tree.

Don’t be the weirdo in the camo at your spouse’s office party. Look good, feel good and reap the rewards of a little fashion. It’s ok… once in a while.