closeup of Badlands everyday pants

Gear Guide: Pants to Fit Any Lifestyle

closeup of Badlands everyday pants

“No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.”

But what about pants? We ask you, humble convenience storekeeper, are pants not as important in your eyes as shirts and shoes? Do chilled or, worse yet, chapped thighs not concern you?

Well, around here we’ll have none of that short-sightedness. No sir, we are just as concerned with your calves and knees as we are your arms and back. We say: “No Shirt, No Pants, No Problem: We’ve Got You Covered.”

Case in point, our ever-expanding line of comfy, durable, practical (and dare we say even a little stylish) lifestyle pants. Never sacrifice the fit, form and function of your favorite Badlands pants, just because they happen to be in Approach. We’ve put the same thoughtful design into the cut, materials and construction of our line of men’s and women’s lifestyle pants.

Men’s Scree Pant 

Badlands Scree Pants

Fashion meets form, with a visit from function in the Scree Pant. Articulated knees and crotch areas mean you can bend and snap with the best of them. Reinforced cuffs mean durability, while covered left thigh and rear pockets mean security. We also threw in a little C6 water resistance because being wet is no fun. 

For those who can reach the stuff on the highest shelves, we also offer the Scree in tall sizes. Choose from Hemlock, Abyss, Earth and Stone colors to fill out your closest with the toughest, yet most comfortable pant you’ll ever own.

Men’s Durus Pant

Men's durus pant

Jeans. We love ‘em. But, denim’s not the most forgiving of fabrics. Then along came elastane… which isn’t one of the Avengers. No, it’s the technology that allows stretch fabrics to be combined with denim.

The Durus Pant takes full advantage of this tech to create a cotton/poly/Lycra blend to offer a jean that is as comfy and flexible as your favorite pair of sleeping pants. A gusseted crotch and reinforced knife pocket bring a little toughness to the table, making the Durus that perfect blend of tough, yet tame. Grey and Khaki add style to the casual feel of this jean.

Men’s Task Pant 

Badlands Task Pant

Sometimes, you just need a pair of pants.

Maybe your day has you mowing the lawn in the morning, “coaching” four-year-olds in soccer at noon, climbing a mountain in the afternoon and taking the other half out to dinner afterwards. That’s a healthy to-do list and you don’t have time to keep changing pants. You need the Task Pant.

Heavier duty than the Scree Pant, the Task Pant brings a four-way stretch poly/Spandex fabric to the table, so the Task is tough, flexible, durable… just like you. Solid Earth and Stone colors make the Task a fashion-forward, do-it-all pant choice. 

Men’s Fortis Pant 

Badlands Fortis PantWhat’s tough and durable, but also soft and stretchy? Yes, Mr. Mittens your grandmother’s cat, but also the Fortis Pant. This trouser features a nylon/poly/Spandex blend for ultimate strength and stretch.

Cut a bit more slim than the Scree Pant, the Fortis offers zippered thigh pockets, and a “stash” pocket that keeps the important stuff safely zippered away. The Fortis comes in Charcoal or Dune.

Whatsamatter? Too good for long pants? OK, here’s a pair of shorts with all the same features and benefits of the Fortis Pant, just… you know… without legs.

Women’s Lagatha Leggings 

Women's Lagatha Leggings

In Viking lore, Lagatha was the most skilled and respected of all the Nordic women of lore. So, when we decided to bestow her name on this pair of leggings, it meant the leggings had to stand up to that legacy.

And boy howdy do they! We started with a yoga-pant style base, then added antimicrobial Silvadur™ lining to keep things clean. Next up, abrasion-resistant fabric on the seat, and the knees to the shin, to keep things durable.

Finally, we put in thigh pockets because… POCKETS, damn it! The Stone color goes with almost anything and the Lagatha is available in regular and tall sizes, because one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to Viking warrior queens.

Women’s Task Pant 

Listen, you’ve got a full day on your plate. Lots to do, no time to keep changing clothing like Beyonce hosting a fashion awards show. Seriously, who has time for all that?

Women's Task Pant

The Task makes it simple, by giving you a crazy-flexible pant, and we mean that in all uses of the word. Four-way poly/Spandex design means the pant will never get in your way, and the blend of style and utility mean the Task truly is the one pant to rule them all. Earth and Stone colors go with everything, so save yourself time in the changing room. Put on your Task Pants and face the day!

That’s a fast look at our Lifestyle line of pants, but don’t venture too far as we’re always working to keep your options wide open when it comes to Badlands comfort and fit at home, at work or at play.

Remember, you can always find our entire line of Everyday clothing for men and for women at Now, get out there and live a lifestyle so comfortable and carefree of clothing worries as to make the rest of us jealous.

And laugh heartily next time you’re told “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.”