Get Started on Your 2020 Hunts Today

Get Started on Your 2020 Hunts Today

Get Started on Your 2020 Hunts Today


A time of new beginnings. Resolutions. Hangovers.

It’s also time to start thinking about your 2020 hunts.

You may be thinking, “Wait, what? It’s January, dude!”

Now you’re thinking, “Whoa, how do they know what I’m thinking?”

(We always know what you’re thinking. How do you think we make hunting gear that fits your needs so well?)

But we’re serious. It’s time to start preparing for your 2020 hunt by properly putting away your gear from your 2019 hunting season. A few simple steps now will solve a ton of problems come fall.

Step one – WASH YOUR STUFF. No offense, but it stinks. Sure, it’s a good stink, borne of hard work, tough conditions and a healthy dose of doe urine (always check the wind before spraying). But, at the end of the day, it still stinks and won’t get any better brewing in the closet all summer.

Now that we’ve cleared the air (literally), give everything a close inspection. Look for damage, wear, tears, small problems that may become huge headaches later. Now’s the time to fix blown seams, broken snaps, bad buckles… scrape that half jar of melted peanut butter out of the bottom of your pack. (Hey, it happens.)

If your gear says “Badlands” on the label, you’re in luck. Actually, no. No you’re not. Luck implies sheer chance out of your control. No, you made the decision to buy Badlands Gear. That’s not luck. That’s a friggin’ genius decision that should make you worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Why so smart? Simple. If you find any problems, like a torn seam, worn buckle, frayed strap, zipper that went kablooey… Whatever… We’ll fix it. Unconditional guarantee, remember?

And trust us, now’s the time to send your kit in for repair. Our repair guru, Okcha, is kinda like that washer/dryer guy, sitting around playing Words With Friends on her phone all day this time of year. Keep her happy, give her something to do so she can stop trying to play “embiggens.” Sorry, Okcha, it’s not a perfectly cromulent word.

Next up, evaluate what worked, what didn’t and what is just flat out no help anymore. Remember, if it’s not helping your hunt, it’s hurting your hunt. Maybe your old bibs are getting a bit *ahem* snug. Maybe your “warm” coat isn’t that warm. Are you tired of your binos always swinging around and getting tangled with your calls? Yeah, been there, done that, replaced them all.

Now’s also a good time to replace old gear. Why should you get new now, when the hunt is still many months away? Well… because the hunt is many months away.

It’s still winter. It’s still cold. It’s still, frankly, hunting-like weather for most of us. So, if you want to really know you have the right gear, get it now so you can get outside and see if it really works. Trust us, if you chose poorly on new pants, it’s better to learn that now and not after you accidentally freeze your cheeks to a tree stump.

Finally, just get your s*** together. Toss all the old, used up hand warmers. Ditch the expired lures and scents. Finally throw away that elk bugle that is more duct tape than plastic.

Now, what’s the first hunt you’ve got for 2020? Early season elk? Archery whitetail? Turkey? Well, get your kit set up now. Load the right calls, pack the right field dressing gear, clean and fold the lucky undies. (Or is that just us?)

In short, anything you can do to set up your gear now is time saved in the fall.

So, wash your gear, inspect your gear, prepare your gear. Simple, right?

Good luck, good hunting.