Mother’s Day Gifts for Women Who Hunt

Mother’s Day Gifts for Women Who Hunt

Mother’s Day Gifts for Women Who Hunt

We’re gonna start off this Mother’s Day post talking to the boys.

Fellas, if you have a female in your life that loves the outdoors, why would you subject her to the same ol’ clichéd box of chocolates or overpriced flowers for Mother’s Day? You can do better than that… WE have to do better than that.

Now, to the mothers in the room. And we do mean ALL moms. Mothers of one, mothers of 10, dog mothers, troop mothers… Doesn’t matter to us. In our eyes, you are all bad-ass mother hunters, and as such, need to be recognized on this day.

So, to help the helpless, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions to celebrate the moms in our life with some gifts she not only wants, but needs.

Calor Jacket

Women's Calor Jacket

What do all hunters like to be? That’s right, warm and dry.

Keep that special lady in your life toasty and comfy with our Women’s Calor Jacket. It’s got the Heatwave™ ceramic liner, which is kicked on by her own body heat. So no matter how long she’s sitting in that blind or stand, the chill will be kept at bay.

Offset chest pockets and pack-friendly handwarmer pockets are placed to fit the female form, and the C6 DWR water-resistant finish keeps her dry.

Women's Puffy Shirt

Puffy Shirt

What the Puffy Shirt may lack in naming creativity, it more than makes up for in comfort and warmth. From the field to dinner reservations at 8:00, the Puffy Shirt is cut and tailored to the female form, and its lightweight insulation, pullover design, and snap-button closures keep the warm in and the cold out.

Perfect for those long walks (either to a romantic spot or to face-shoot a turkey), the Puffy Shirt is that magical mixture of stylish and workhorse.


Lagatha Leggings

Lagatha Leggings

Guys, this is the perfect-est of the perfect gifts. Not only do you give the gift of comfort, protection and warmth, but you‘re also telling that lady in your life “You’re the one I want to invade and pillage with forever.”

Lagatha herself was a legend in the Viking culture (the real ones, not the purple guys in Minnesota). So the leggings that bear her name had to live up to the task. Built for the rough and tumble outdoor world, this is the first hunting-specific legging in our lineup.

Comfortable from the 4-way stretch fabric. Quiet from the yoga pant-inspired design. And durable thanks to the abrasion-resistant material from the shins to the knees, as well as on the seat.

There you go, a solid start on making sure that the mother hunter in your life gets the proper recognition (and gear) she deserves. In reality, you probably can’t go wrong with anything from our designed-for-female-hunters-by-a-female-hunter line of women’s gear, so feel free to shop around for other items.

Now, if you really want to win points as the thoughtful partner, once all that new hunting gear arrives, make it the best day ever and get her out in the field where, let’s face it, she really wants to be anyway.

OK, now the moms can come back. Thanks for your patience (in this and all the other silly things we spouses and partners may do). From all of us at Badlands, to all of you: Happy Mother’s Day!