Badlands Pros List Their Must-Haves for Elk Hunting

Badlands Pros List Their Must-Haves for Elk Hunting

Badlands Pros List Their Must-Haves for Elk Hunting

Yes, it’s August.

Yes, we’re thinking about elk season.

No, we’re not gonna apologize.

How can you not be thinking elk? Tag draws are done. We’re getting our bows dialed in on the competition circuit. And our freezer is getting emptier and emptier.

So, yes, elk season is on our minds, and based on the questions and feedback we get here at Badlands HQ, you folks are also getting wapiti fever.

A lot of people are preparing their gear for the upcoming season, and one of the most common questions we get is “It all looks so cool! What do I need? What are the ‘must-haves’?”

As we often do during these times of questioning, we turned to the Badlands Operative Pro Staff for their “must-haves” for elk season.

Freddy Harteis stalks the Colorado mountain ranges for elk and spends a lot of time on glass doing so. This keeps bino management high on his list of must-haves.

“Most of my time is spent with binoculars in my hand, so one of my must-haves is the Bino XR Harness,” Freddy said. “I use it on every hunt and scouting trip. Keeps my binos close and comfortable, as well as protected from the elements.”

Operative Pro Staffer Josh “Mo” Moremen casts another vote for binocular storage.

“On a hunt, there are two things I never leave home without: My Vario Pack and my Bino X Harness,” Josh said.

Another must-have in Josh’s loadout is the Algus Crew and Pant.

“My early, warm season elk camo is the Algus,” he said. “I’ll pack in Mutton base layers in case it gets cooler, but with all the elevation gains and miles hiked each day, I rarely have to worry about getting cold.”

Hard to argue with any of these selections, as these guys spend more time in the country chasing big elk than anyone we know. If these guys say it’s a necessity, they mean it.

As you start to gear up for elk season, don’t be afraid to give us a shout, drop us an email or hit us up on social media. We’re happy to help you with your own “must-haves.”