Protect Those Optics with New Binocular Harnesses

Protect Those Optics with New Binocular Harnesses

Protect Those Optics with New Binocular Harnesses
hunter pulling binoculars out of harness

As one of the originators of the chest-mounted bino harness revolution, Badlands helped hunters and outdoors folk protect their expensive optics while also keeping them ready to use in an instant. Now, Badlands has upped the ante with a line of completely redesigned binocular cases for hunters.

Why use a chest-mounted case for hunting? Because there are a ton of advantages.

Unlike the neck strap that comes with most binoculars, bino harnesses don’t let the optic swing freely, provide padding and armor, protect from the elements and dust, and never get in your way when traversing rough terrain or climbing a ladder into a stand.

We talked with hunting guides, our pro staff and customers like you to find out what worked in previous models and what y’all wanted to see in the next generation. The results are here, and are spectacular (if we say so ourselves).

Modular Binocular Harnesses

Modularity is the theme with this new line of bino harnesses, and hunters and other outdoor-observation folks can build out their kit to meet their exact needs. A new side wing system gives users a more stable base to mount any accessory, pocket or pouch. Quick and easy attachment points maintain all the comfort Badlands is known for, but with enhanced customization and loadout options.

man using binoculars on a hunt

One of the most sought-after upgrades by consumers has been a modified lid system. The newly designed lids stay open when preferred and eliminate the magnetic snap of a lid accidentally flipping shut. In addition, attachment point panels are now installed on the side and bottom, maximizing the amount of real estate to connect gear.

Across the board, the new bino harnesses feature an upgraded suspension system and harness, which increases airflow and breathability through state-of-the-art stretch mesh and less traditional fabric. All our bino cases are also compatible with the Razco chest holster system, allowing for a handgun to be part of the chest kit.

For Whitetail and Archery Hunters

The Bino AXS is the perfect choice for the bow or whitetail hunter. The open sides allow for quick and quiet deployment with minimal movement. When harsh weather or high-dust environments are not a worry, the AXS is a lightweight option. Quiet, soft liner fabric makes the AXS silent enough for any archery situation.

Don’t let the minimalist talk worry you, there is still a mountain of modularity built into the Bino AXS. Side wings feature MOLLE attachment points, as does the bottom. Side elastic exterior pockets and an inner pocket let you keep the vitals like wind powder, optics cloths or cell phones safe yet accessible.

For Silence and Ease

closeup of hunter's bino harness

The next generation Bino X2 builds off one of our most popular models: the Bino X. This was a case of leaving the features people loved alone but bringing even more modularity and utility.

So, we started by increasing the internal space to give users more room. Based on customer requests, we then added a magnet on the front of the case, allowing users to latch the lid open, preventing accidental closures and the resulting snapping sound.



For Keeping It Open

The Bino EZ is just as the name implies, easy to use. This bino harness is the answer to customers who want the protection of a full-coverage lid without using magnets. Instead, we’ve designed an elastic, adjustable-mouth system that stays open via a tension-based bungee until the user flips it shut.

Sharing many similarities to the Bino X2, the Bino EZ features elastic side pockets and a silent internal liner, along with the same back panel pocket with magnetic closure. MOLLE wings and attachment points allow the user to set up his or her bino case to meet their exact needs.

For Maximum Protection

For the true hardcore, deep woods hunters, we have an upgraded version of the classic. The Bino Mag 2 is still the beast of the lineup and sees a series of upgrades. Offering the highest degree of weather and dustproofing, the Bino Mag 2 features an improved mouth opening that stays securely open when needed but provides an exceptionally well-sealed barrier when closed. For backcountry hunters, the Bino Mag 2 provides ultimate protection for your glass.

Modular Bino Case Accessories

female hunter looking through binoculars

One of the key upgrades to the entire line is the addition of attachment points, so naturally we also have a variety of accessory pouches, pockets and cases. No one understands what you need in the field like you do, so we’ve made it easy for you to set up your chest case exactly the way you want.

The RF Mag Case is a magnet-closure case for your laser rangefinder. Quiet liner and a protective tether point accompany the single MOLLE stick attachment.

As the name implies, the Bear Spray Pocket is designed to hold your CS spray dispenser where it’s easy to access should the need arise. Designed for either side- or bottom-mounting, the Bear Spray Pocket is a rock-solid platform for a pretty important piece of gear.

Then there’s the Everything Pouch, which is a simple stretch-mesh pocket designed for, well, everything. From cell phones to radios to GPS units to candy bars, the Everything Pouch does it all.

The Bottom Pocket straps right onto the bottom MOLLE points and is a great choice for LRFs or anything else you may need quickly and quietly.

Wherever you prefer to store your ammo during the hunt, it never hurts to have a few extra rounds close at hand. Designed to attach to the bottom of your Badlands binocular case, the Ammo Sleeve provides secure, easy and out-of-the-way access to five rounds of ammunition. 

female hunter using binoculars

In response to customers who wanted a hydration bladder but weren’t fans of the old system, we offer the Tap Pack.  This is a slim, backpack-like platform that attaches to the bino harness, making for a rock-solid hydration tote. Best of all, it quickly detaches for sitting in stands or those silent stalks. The Tap Pack is also a great multitasker, as you can use it as a standalone pack, with no need for a bino harness at all.

In addition, we have a couple of accessories in the works and coming soon.

Designed to attach vertically to the accessory wings on your Badlands binocular harness or the webbing on your Badlands pack, the Zip Pocket provides secure storage for those must-carry items you need close at hand. 

The RF Case is a simple buckle-closure case perfect for the laser rangefinder. Quiet lining and a single MOLLE attachment stick make this a simple addition.

If you have yet to make the switch to a chest-mounted bino harness, now is the time. Once you experience a day afield with your binos in a safe, secure chest case, you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

Lucky for you, you’re on the right website to see the whole line and learn more about all our new binocular harnesses. Just head over to our Bino Harness collection or visit your favorite Badlands retailer near you!

closeup of binocular harness system with bear spray pouch