Step Away From the Camo, Stand Out From the Crowd

Step Away From the Camo, Stand Out From the Crowd

Step Away From the Camo, Stand Out From the Crowd

Gentlemen, gather round. Take a knee.

This is a… huntervention. It’s like an intervention, but cooler.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we need to have a chat about what is and is not appropriate.

To wear, that is.

Look, we get it. We know how absolutely awesome and comfy our hunting gear is. It’s like wearing a warm, dry cloud of softness. It fits right, moves with you and is tougher than two-week old roadkill.

But, fellas, you can’t wear it all day, every day. People are starting to talk, and you may end up on… lists. Plus, as sweet as we think Approach looks in the woods, it’s not quite as stylish at the romantic restaurant.

Fortunately, this huntervention is also equal part “Deer Eye for the Camo Guy”.*

You can still experience that technological wonder turned BEST CLOTHES EVER feeling with the Badlands Lifestyle Collection.

Look your dapper best when you take that special someone out for a romantic dinn… Oh for the love of… WE MEAN YOUR SPOUSE, NOT YOUR BOW!!

(Deep breaths)

OK, let’s start up top with the stylish, yet functional Defiance ¼ Zip. Mountain or mall. Blind or dark booth. This is ready when you have a date with wapiti at 9 A.M. then a date with Wanda Piti at 7 P.M. Tell her we said “hey.”

Now, let’s look to the bottom half. She will (giggity). The Scree Pant delivers articulated function (which means stretchy and flexible), while staying insanely comfy to wear all day, every day. Look good. Feel good. Be good.

Wrap up that look with the Blacktail Jacket, which is about as black tie as we ever get. A polyfill-insulated front and nylon-stretch back and sleeves combine all our favorite things: comfort, warmth and movement.

If this look doesn’t trip your trigger, we have a ton of other options. All we ask is you (just this time) look beyond the offerings in Approach and Approach FX. Don’t do it for us. Do it for your special some… NO! NOT YOUR BOW!!!

There’s just no helping some of you, is there?

*Editor’s note: We know it’s a stretch, but it amused us. Let us have this one.