Your Turkey Vest Patience Has Been Rewarded

Your Turkey Vest Patience Has Been Rewarded

Your Turkey Vest Patience Has Been Rewarded

Here at Badlands, we love to hear feedback from you, the end user. We take a lot of what we hear and work it into our new products, or even into new versions of our existing products.

Over the years, one request has been heard over and over: “We want a turkey vest. And we want it now.”

And our answer has always been the same, “Patience, grasshoppers. We have one in the works, but it’s not quite Badlands-worthy yet.”

Now, that patience shall be rewarded, for it is time to talk Turkey Vest. No joke. No teasing. No speculation.

It’s here, it’s available, and it’s fantastic (if we do say so ourselves).

The Badlands Turkey Vest is the result of years of trial and error, in-field testing and input from our crazy band of hunters. All your gear is kept right where you need it, accessible yet secure.

If too many words scare you, check out the video review our pals over at The Bearded Buck created. Or, if you’re at work and don’t have your headphones, keep on reading.

Let’s start right up front with the features (and apologies, this may take a while).

For starters, the Turkey Vest features our new Bino Connect™ system, which allows you to ditch the harness and mount your Badlands bino harness directly to the pack straps. Less weight, less hassle, more utility.

On the right chest, you’ve got two pot/slate call pouches with our secure YKK zippers. Right behind those, a deep pocket with loops to keep your strikers in place and safe from harm. You’ll also find our rangefinder tether in there, because we’ve gotten excited and left our Vortex LRF behind and we don’t want you to experience the same pain.

Above that, a magnetic closing pocket holds mouth or diaphragm calls. A slit pocket in the right lapel of the vest gives access to a huge compartment, which we think is perfect for some lightweight Exo rain gear or an inflatable decoy.

Moving to the left side, you’ll find a dedicated box call pouch with a secure closing flap. An inner pouch holds your resin, chalk or scuff pad. Don’t run a box call? That’s cool, just tuck the flap into the pouch and now you’ve a got a great home for a Thermacell insect repellant.

Directly up from that is another zippered pocket. This one has a second pocket inside the pocket. We keep our phone protected in the inner pocket, and stow a few protein bars… and Snickers… in the deep, outer pocket.

Another magnetic pocket on the lapel gives you even more room to stow mouth calls. And a second lapel slit pocket opens up the entire left chest for storage. Finally, an internal mesh pocket keeps odds and ends like camo face paint and permits tucked away until they are needed.

On the rear, a fully adjustable game pouch can transport decoys out to the field, then be expanded to bring them back along with your turkey. A back pouch is a great place for any stakes or blind tie-downs. A flip-down seat makes for an easier time posting up at the base of a tree, and keeps your warm tush off the cold, wet ground.

The Turkey Vest is compatible with our hydration bladders, and is built from our lightweight, durable fabric treated with a DWR finish that repels water, keeping you comfortable on those damp mornings.

If you’re a skinny dude… eat a Snickers, you’re probably hungry… then cinch up the adjustment straps. If you have a more robust amount of built-in insulation, don’t stress. No shame here, just let out the straps. Regardless your build, the vest features multiple adjustment points, ensuring a great fit no matter how thick you (or your underlayers) may be.

Right now, the Badlands Turkey Vest is available in Approach—as spring turkey season is usually taking place as the world is starting to green up. As with all our gear, stress points have been bartacked with our proprietary Aramid fiber, so go ahead and get rough.

And of course, it’s covered by our Unconditional Warranty. No joke. No questions asked.

Want to know more or ready to order your vest? Simple, CLICK HERE!!!